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This gala has us peeking out of our warm covers in the hopes of companionship and alcohol

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these student government officials from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. That means GSSC was meeting as soon as school restarted, planning out this next semester. Student government bureau chief Joe Milholland reports on what, exactly, these plans consist of.

The first day of classes at Columbia in 2016 was also the same day as the General Studies Student Council’s first general body meeting of the semester, and, during it, the council told of its new and ongoing projects and plans.

Open Forum – GSSC President Elizabeth Heyman announced that the GSSC’s meeting next week (Tuesday, January 26 at 8:15pm) will be an open forum/town hall for GS students to bring their issues and concerns to the council. Heyman has specifically invited the heads of GS student groups, but all GS students are welcome.

The Gala – While GS’s annual Gala is still being held at Cipriani, its location is being moved to a Cipriani’s venue in Wall Street. According to Social Chair Kim Rebetti, the gala will include coat checks, hors d’oevres, a reception-style dinner, and a 4-hour open bar. Overall, the Gala will cost $99,000 for 529 people. “Right now, I think our biggest issue is searching for outside entertainment,” said Rebetti.

Student Feedback – According to VP of Policy Michael Neier, GSSC has been collecting student feedback. Although a problem with the forms has delayed the release of the data, it should be publicized soon.

GS Food Bank – Neier also has an idea of a food bank for GS students. Neier hopes to buy non-perishable foods in bulk for wholesales and giving them out regularly in the GS lounge. He hopes to fund this through GSSC’s budget, but he said that donations might be needed if it’s too expensive.

“The logistics haven’t been sorted out completely, there are some problems with storage, we might need to get food one week at a time, but we’re looking at things that are relatively inexpensive, that people can come by and pick-up if they need it: pasta, cup noodles, soup, stuff like that,” Neier said.

Change of Program Resolution – Dean Awn provisionally declined GSSC’s change of program resolution to extend GS’s add/drop period from two weeks to five weeks like at Columbia College. According to Neier, Awn’s rejection is informal, and he is trying to figure out how he can get Awn to approve a new resolution, saying that shortening the time period is a possibility.

Office Hours – Heyman will hold office hours in the GS lounge from 1:30 – 3:30pm on Mondays this semester, and Wellness Representative Pierce Levin will hold office hours from 2 – 5pm on Fridays.

Other updates:

  • The position of Chief Communications Representative is vacant, and the e-board is accepting applications for the position until this Friday at 5pm.
  • University Senator Kathrine Celentao said GS students concerned about accessibility on campus should contact her about the University Accessibility Subcommittee.
  • Celentano also said that all the gym upgrades that started last semester have been put in place.