Get ready for Sremm lifeeee

Earlier this evening, an anonymous source on Bacchanal confirmed that Rae Sremmurd, Marian Hill, and Bibi Bourelly are headlining this year’s annual spring concert. This marks the first time in recent Bacchanal history that the headliners have included female performers.

Today, the Bacchanal Committee met with Public Safety for another formal event review concerning the layout of the viewing area in front of the stage. The stage will remain on Low Steps facing South Lawn and Butler library. Instead of the originally-proposed six-pen layout, this year’s crowd will be segregated into four viewing pens. The front two sections will each contain 624 people, or around 1,200, according to our source. The larger two back sections will contain the remaining 2,400 undergraduate students.

Our source confirms that the Bacchanal committee is “very pleased with the outcome from the meeting.” Public Safety originally wanted to strictly ticket the front two sections, but after discussion with members of the Bacchanal Committee, CCSC, and administrators, they have agreed on a more free-flowing design that allows students with tickets to come and go from the front two sections as they please. The South Lawns will operate as they would on any other day, so that anyone who chooses to sit and watch the performance from a distance can.