Two olives makes it even more classy

Two olives makes it even more classy

A spontaneous change of venue for the General Studies Student Council set staff writer Romane Thomas on a wild goose chase across campus, but she made it on time to give you all the details. Don’t miss all the website layout discussion ;)

Last night, sporting a post spring break tan, the GSSC talked Gala, website and Spring Break in 516 Hamilton.

The New Website

President Elizabeth Heyman opened the meeting with an update about the soon to be completed new GSSC website. She informed the Council that the E-Board had been able to meet with Dean Hartford to discuss the website and to give the Dean a chance to contribute to the upcoming GSSC survey, which Multicultural Affairs Rep. Vida Biggins is currently drafting. “It was a productive conversation,” said Heyman.

The GSSC also discussed layout options for its new website. Jade Le-Cascarino, newly appointed Vice President of Communication, proposed two types of options: classic or interactive templates.

One council member pointed out that an interactive layout “may not be as intuitive as a classic layout.” Others also expressed their fear that a more elaborate website design may look unappealing on mobile. VP of Campus Life Dennis Zhao explained that the layouts were made to work on mobile, whether interactive or classic. Vida Biggins argued in favor of the interactive template as students are more likely to come back to the website if the layout is appealing. In the end, the Student Council approved an interactive layout.

Constitutional Review

Vice President of Policy Michael Neier updated the Council on the work he had been completing regarding GSSC’s constitution. He explained that for the upcoming student council elections, the old constitution will remain effective so as not to change the rules so late in the game. He pointed out that an information session for students interested in running was taking place today at 8:30 pm, in 203 Math. Neier also stated that the constitution was almost up to date and that most of the changes had been straightforward so the need had not yet arisen for him to consult the council on any changes. Le-Cascarino congratulated Neier on his thorough job and remarked that he had worked throughout Spring Break while “the rest of you were laying on your butts on the beach,” she joked.


Sold out after seven minutes, the Gala tickets were a hit this year, said Dennis Zhao. He explained that the last batch of tickets would be available tonight at 8 pm! President Heyman pointed out that those wishing to sell their tickets must do so at the original price so as to avoid any conflict. Later, a candidate for gala host auditioned in front of the council and seemed to appeal to the crowd as he spread rumor of a fantastic “martini ice luge”!

Other Updates:

  • A Shabbat dinner will be organized on Friday April 1 at 8:15 pm. Although the price of attendance is $5 per person for 100 guests, the council approved a budget for the event that would make attendance free.
  • A sponsorship request of $700 from CU Family Support Network was approved by the Council. The budget would allow them to plan their annual extravaganza for Columbia University families and children for the fourth year in a row.
  • A Senior/First Year Luncheon will take place on April 8 at noon and will allow seniors to reconnect with First Years’ experiences and to give out advice about their majors.
  • Senior Week Tickets will be coming out shortly after Bacchanal which is happening on April 2!


A Classic Martini aka Spring Break regrets via Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-2.0