For once, experience core classes in an actually rewarding way

For once, experience core classes in an actually rewarding way

CCSC took a longer break than the rest of us (there was no meeting last week), but they’re right back into the swing of things with planning College Days, proving their dedication to the Core. Joe Milholland proves his own dedication by, once again, faithfully reporting on the details.

Next week is College Days – a 5 day celebration of the Core Curriculum for Columbia College students as a sort of educational reminder of our real purpose at Columbia in the week after Bacchanal. And Sunday night, at the Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) general body meeting, the Campus Life Committee presented the activities and give-aways (including frisbees and Shake Shack coupons this year) on each of the five days.

Monday (4/4) – LitHum Day/Opening Ceremony: In Roone Auditorium from 7-9pm, Columbia Pops will give an opening performance, followed by speeches by English Professor and Lit Hum Chair Julie Crawford, as well as Deantini (or, as the CCSC powerpoint called him, “Dean Valentine”). There will be food from Dino BBQ and Thai Market, and give-aways start at 8pm.

Tuesday (4/5) – CC/Global Core Day: In Lerner Party Space from 7-9pm will be the CCCCC Games (Columbia College Contemporary Civilization Competition Games) – A Jeopardy-style tournament where participants must sign-up beforehand and the winner gets a prize worth around $25. There will also be Play-doh, a pun on Plato. Symposium will provide food, as well as other vendors CCSC hasn’t found yet.

Wednesday (4/6) – Music Hum Day: In Lerner 555, the Jazz Group will perform from 6-8pm, and the Kingsmen, the Metrotones, the Bacchantae, and Voltage will perform in the John Jay Lounge from 8-9pm. The food will be Domino’s Pizza and chicken wings.

Thursday (4/7) – Art Hum Day: From 10am-4pm on the Low Steps will be a collective art project. Insomnia Cookies will also be provided.

Friday (4/8) – Science/Swim Test Day: There will be a pool party in Uris Pool in Dodge Gym from 12-2pm, and around 100 seniors that take the swim test will get a free towel. Korilla BBQ and Wafels & Dinges food trucks will be on College Walk. CCSC has invited science groups to table in Lerner.


  • CCSC President Ben Makansi met with VP of Campus Services Scott Wright, who told him that the Emergency Meal Fund has been accessed by 13 CC students, 2 SEAS students, and 25 GS students.
  • Also, according to Scott Wright, a statue of Herny Moore (a famous Columbia economist) by Henry Moore is planned to built in front of Butler Library. The trustees have to approve it.
  • Alumni Affairs Rep Daniel Liss has made a survey to allow students to tell CCE about what jobs they want recruited for on campus.
  • According to University Senator Marc Heinrich, the Morningside Student Space Initiative Survey got over 700 responses.
  • Inclusion and Equity Rep Ewoma Ogbaudu is working with FLIP to create a first-generation alumni network.
  • Pre-professional Rep Chris George, along with Ogbaudu, went to CCE to address concerns by low-income students from the quality of life survey about the organization’s career prep and ability to get students jobs after graduation.
  • Disclosure: I attended JCCC –  a committee that funds student groups and is staffed in part by the treasures of the 4 undergraduate student councils, including CCSC – this week, as the treasurer of the Columbia University Science Fiction Society, asking for advice and potentially funding for a potential funding. Because the event is not yet set in stone, I did not get funding at the meeting, but I did get advice.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated College Days was this week. It is actually next week, after Bacchanal.

The LitHum daze via CU Admissions Website