Sry abt the abbrevs

Created last summer, @sadcolumbiaboys is probably the one of the most popular Columbia-related social media accounts to exist (RIP Ivy League Bitch). Inspired by @sadyaleboys, and now the inspiration for various other sad accounts, it has garnered 1726 followers as of today. Connoisseur of Columbia Sadness Rachel Deal talked to the creator(s?) of @sadcolumbiaboys over Instagram DM about their documentation of despair.

Bwog: How did you get started documenting the sad boys of Columbia?

@sadcolumbiaboys: Hallo. They are out there, being performatively sad and reading sad literature and doing sad problem sets and wearing sad preppy clothing whether they are documented or not. But to not document such a curious specimen in its natural environment would seem a waste. So the obvious choice becomes: document. Note time of day and quality of atmosphere. Location. Whether it was merely a general malaise indicating their status as a sadboy or a deep aura of Weltschmerz.

The sadness of a sadcolumbiaboy is a truer kind of sadness than any other kind of sadboy. Penetrates deeper into his core self. It’s a way of life, not just a mood. Would a sadyaleboy or (God forbid) sadnyuboy even qualify as a sadboy at Columbia? Doubtful.

Bwog: Oh God, I had no idea sadnyuboys existed. What do you think is the significance of capturing sad boys, versus sad girls or sad people?

@sadcolumbiaboys: Sadboy vs. sad boy, but on the whole it comes down to specificity. Wouldn’t call it gendered because this isn’t about femininity and masculinity, but a sadboy is a trope and a sadgirl is a different trope. There are sad girls out there, there are sad Columbia girls out there, there is a sadcolumbiagirls account and a sadcolumbiagurlz account and a sadbarnardgirls account.

You could document sad Columbia people, maybe, but it doesn’t strike the same chord; lacks gestalt. The specificity of “boy” and “girl” vs. people adds something. And would you expect your podiatrist to do an otolaryngologist’s work? sadcolumbiaboys specializes in documenting sadboys. Sadgirls is a job for another.

Bwog: On the topic of sadcolumbiagirls, etc., how do you feel about the numerous spin-off accounts (like “saddercolumbiaboys” lmao)?

@sadcolumbiaboys: Cute but tacky.

Bwog: Your profile pic is of Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg–would you say he’s the ultimate sadcolumbiaboy, or do you have someone else in mind?

@sadcolumbiaboys: Hmmm tru modern archetype of a sadcolumbiaboy? On the fence between Radcliffe as Ginsberg and Ezra Koenig as himself. If we look back to the less-pong-more-dueling era, shouts out Hamilton and his ill-fated son. Also, I think River Phoenix died too young, but that’s neither here nor there.

Bwog: Do you have a favorite sadboy that you’ve captured?

The "hidden message era"

The “hidden message era”

@sadcolumbiaboys: This dude epitomizes something. But also the hidden message era was fun ’til some of the tagged accounts put their foot down.

Bwog: LOL. Any particular places on campus where you like looking for sadboys? Low Steps and Butler seem common.

@sadcolumbiaboys: Cuz the sadcolumbiaboys have their sadcolumbiahaunts. Just gotta follow the sadboys.

Bwog: If you don’t mind sharing, what stage of your time at Columbia are you in?

@sadcolumbiaboys: A good one: somewhere between beginning, middle and end. Near to Death. Attending Columbia is A Sickness Unto Death, to reference Kierkegaard.

Bwog: Are you yourself a sadcolumbiaboy?

@sadcolumbiaboys: Suffice to say: we are less a singular entity than an attitude. And a spirit. A channel for a higher power.

Images courtesy of @sadcolumbiaboys and Bwog Staff