There's so many doors in this story you'd think it was from Monsters Inc.

There’s so many doors in this story you’d think it was from Monsters Inc.

It’s almost Halloween, but the horror is just getting started! First Year Bwogger Elana Rebitzer is here with another Halloween Horror Story, brought to you by the time she was late to class because she got lost trying to get to the bathroom in Havemeyer.

With 25 minutes to go until your Computer Science midterm, you decide you’re as prepared as you’re ever going to be. You grab your coffee and leave Butler, trudging past Alma and gaggles of people who seem much happier than you are until you arrive at Havemeyer Hall.

20 minutes left? That’s more than enough time to go to the bathroom before the test starts, you think. Since the only bathroom on the campus entrance floor (really, the third floor) is for men, you decide to get a little bit of exercise in as you take the stairs down to the second floor where the women’s bathroom is located.

As you walk down the stairs, browsing Facebook on your phone, you start to hear a noise. It almost sounds like a woman’s voice crying for help, and you look around for the source. Seeing nothing, you shrug, attribute it to the wind, and continue on your merry way.

Upon opening the door to the second story, the service on your phone immediately dies. “That’s unfortunate,” you grumble, but think nothing of it as you follow the signs down a dimly lit hallway to a door marked bathroom. Inside that door are two other doors, both unmarked. One is locked, so you assume it’s a janitor’s closet, and try the other, but encounter the same set of two doors.

Behind this door is yet another room with doors, and at this point, you’re sure this is a cruel trick that some malicious professor designed to teach their students some complicated mathematic principle. Checking your phone, you see you’ve spent more time down there than you thought, and with only 7 minutes to go until the midterm begins, you probably should abandon the idea of finding a restroom and head back up.

You try the door you just came through. It locked behind you – there’s no way to go back. Now, you’re starting to get concerned. Was this the building that the anthropology department kept all those human skulls in? What’s that weird smell emanating from the door next to you? You keep opening doors, but now you’re starting to hear noises from some of them, and they definitely sound like screaming women.

As this continues, you hold your phone up to the air, trying desperately to get service and call someone to come rescue you. Right before your phone dies, you see that it’s been at least three hours that you’ve been stuck in the maze of doors – you’ve easily missed the midterm, and are late to your next class.

Sighing, you give up at the next room, sitting down on the ground – avoiding the odd-smelling stain right next to you – and praying that sometime soon, someone will find you. There’s no window, but every once in a while you hear footsteps next to you that sound like someone coming down the stairs. “Don’t go to the bathroom!” you shout, but you’re pretty sure that to them, you’re just another part of the choir of screaming women, trapped forever on their way to finding the bathroom.

A twist on a childhood favorite via Critical Commons