The Diana furniture debacle of 2016 must be a #insidejob

The Diana furniture debacle of 2016 must be a #insidejob

Disappearing Diana Furniture, Dodge gym becoming unsafe for women, an update on transgender rhetoric on campus, oh my! Gabbi Kloppers, SGA reporter, takes you inside another interesting SGA meeting.

Here’s what you missed at SGA:

A large part of the meeting was devoted to reflecting on the most recent Town Hall meeting, which was focused on LGBTQ issues on campus. Here were some of the topics discussed:

  • SGA has heard a lot of concerns surrounding professors and gender pronouns. Many professors don’t bother asking about students’ preferred gender pronouns at the beginning of the semester, and SGA wants to look into professor training in order to create a more accepting and comfortable community for all students.
  • Same Sex Partner sign in; there have been incidents of same sex couples experiencing rude behavior from the desk attendants at dorms across campus. CU has been reported to deal with this issue by simply moving the desk attendants around; SGA will be investigating how to establish a permanent solution to the problem (i.e. one-on-one training).
  • Positive feedback: Since last year, there have been major improvements at primary care facilities. At the meeting, many students claimed to have had significantly better with doctors’ appointments (sex life questioning, etc.).

Also discussed:

Dodge and toxic masculinity vibes: Many Barnard students feel like they don’t have a complete gym (no heavy weights).  Meanwhile, many have vocalized concerns over feeling uncomfortable at Dodge. SGA might be planning of Womens Takeover at Dodge in the near future so stay tuned!

The January Application Development Experience (JADE) is a club for all first-year CU students interested in getting involved in careers in technology.  However, the Barnard population of the club doesn’t get their housing subsidized during the winter break activities the club hosts over winter break.  All other CU students pay $100; while Barnard students are required to pay $200; SGA will be looking into this issue and figuring out how to fund this program for Barnard students.

SGA is looking forward to discussing and collaborating on policy at the upcoming Seven Sisters Conference. Focus topics will included transgender policy/rhetoric on campus, and most specifically, the language used by many of these schools in promotion and image.

SGA is also looking for ways to get the word about voting! Keep your eyes out for reminders, events, and enthusiasm about the upcoming presidential election!

DIANA FURNITURE DISAPPEARING: SGA has heard concerns regarding the mysterious stealing of Diana 1st and 2nd floor chairs/tables.  Look out for a red chair in someone’s dorm, laugh, and tell them to return it.

The next town hall is aimed to be sometime after Thanksgiving; official dates will be distributed shortly!

Photo courtesy of a website with instructions on how to make a modern doll house