Survive winter's greatest threat, wind tunnels, with Bwog's help of course.

Survive winter’s greatest threat, wind tunnels, with Bwog’s help of course.

It’s November! And you know what that means? Right? It’s gonna get EVEN colder. Well, this is Columbia University in the CITY OF NEW YORK as if it wasn’t clear enough. Even within this blustery city, Columbia’s campus is notorious for its wind tunnels and having some of the windiest intersections, particularly those on Claremont. Ones capable of putting Aeolus’s wind bags to shame. Don’t fret! Bwog is here with some tips to survive the infamous wind tunnel.

  • Wrap your face in a scarf, lean into it, and keep your head down
  • Put a bunch of rocks in your pockets to weigh you down so you don’t get blown over
  • Time to take advantage of your meal plan and bulk up in time for winter
  • Wear a cowl-neck-style turtleneck and roll up the “cowl” part to cover your face when wind gets harsh
  • Use an umbrella to buffer the wind (make sure it doesn’t get turned inside out)
  • Make use of those ridiculously overpriced textbooks and binders and hold them in front of your face
  • Walk backwards to counteract the force of the wind
  • Sacrifice your roommate to the anemoi (or venti, depending on whether or not you prefer using Greek or Roman names for the gods).
  • Crawl

Photo courtesy of the Motherland