Only puppies can make you feel better about finals

we can’t decide which one’s cuter!

Bwog’s GSSC Bureau Chiefs Romane Thomas and Jenny Nugent are here with updates from Tuesday’s meeting! Last night, GSSC talked about its constitution, disabilities awareness, and the upcoming food bank.

At the start of the meeting, President Larosa and the council quickly approved the updated version of the CEB constitution. GS Senator Curtis then started speaking about Disabilities Awareness Day (see event here). Taking place on December 3 between 1 and 7pm, the day will include an “obstacle course” around the university (using only accessibility routes), hot chocolate, and a panel of specialists. The council approved a budget of $320 from the co-sponsorship fund to help finance this event.

Michael Higgins then spoke about the food bank. He pointed out that while SGA, SGB and CC were most likely on board, ESC had not expressed its desire to build a long-term partnership. According to Higgins, ESC is only interested in the food bank as a short-term fix and is unwilling to invest in it as a long-term solution. Nevertheless, he pointed out that the participation of other schools might spur ESC into reconsidering its approach. Also in relation with food bank, GSSC hopes to set up a weekly food drive. Although the name Giving Tuesday was considered, members of the administration considered it to sound too close to Giving Day (does it?)… As an alternative, Michael Neier proposed “Food Day Tuesday.” Support for this idea was anything but unanimous (sorry Mike). To determine what the name should be, Policy proposed a contest with a prize yet to be determined.

Other events:

  • Karaoke! December 8 from 8 to 10pm at 108 and Broadway. Be there. Please?
  • Volunteering Opportunities! A letter-writing campaign for hospitalized children will begin next week, and a soup kitchen will be organized sometime in the near future with the help of the church on Broadway and 114.
  • Snack attack! From December 12 to 15. Food is yet to be determined. Disclaimer: may include puppies.

Man with puppy via wikimedia