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Tinder Archetypes: Sorority Girl

her name is probably Ashley or Haley

her name is probably Ashley or Haley

Today, we have a female Tinder Archetype for you! Bwogger Leo Bevilacqua writes about the charming, although almost unbearably loquacious, classic sorority girl that you might find on your screen.

The sorority girl’s first photo will be a selfie with either the Snapchat flower crown or dog filter (the first in an array of over-edited pictures). Count on there being at least two photos of her with all her sisters, cause you know ‘sisterhood’ is the reason she joined a srat (first you become a part of it, then it becomes a part of you). There will be a few pictures in front of wall murals in Soho or some paintings in the Met cause she’s cultured like that, despite her favorite vineyard being Franzia. Decked out in her finest Lilly Pulitzer, Calypso, Vineyard Vines, and Madewell, she’ll convince you that pastels never looked so good. On the oft chance that there’s a bikini pic, it will be at St. Barth’s, Key’s Largo, Cabo, or the Hamptons. The cool sorority girl may have a photo or two at one of NYC’s ‘hottest’ clubs and bars, such as Catch, Le Bain, Goldbar, Paul’s Baby Grande, Blond, and Lavo. Her photographs exude of artificially arranged classiness, as does her Instagram linked to her profile.

Her profile will include a Dr. Seuss quotation along the lines of “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” as well as her major, which will most likely be psych. Her Spotify playlist will include anything from Drake to St. Vincent, demonstrating tremendous range in her cultural interests. In the rare event that you match, expect to get cocktails or food at a variety of Manhattan’s best restaurants (i.e. Acme, Gari, etc.). This is not a girl you can satisfy with a simple Vodka Cran at 1020. If she’s southern, you might find in her profile a biblical quote or two or three, most likely from Romans. However, don’t be fooled by her generic, bland bio, as she may actually be sporting a rocking internship at NBC, Vanity Fair, and the like. The srat girl may have no chill, but who’s to say that’s a bad thing? This girl is gorgeous, classy, and popular, and she knows it. Her expectations of her Tinder suitors are astronomical, and her right swipe ratio might be lower than Columbia’s acceptance rate. The world is her oyster and if having a strong, independent, girl who could drink you under the table is a problem, then step aside.

sorority girl via Nikki Shaner-Bradford

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