"If Trump becomes President, I don't care how high he builds that wall, I'm going over it."

“If Trump becomes President, I don’t care how high he builds that wall, I’m going over it.”

Happening in the world: Trump plans to sign executive orders allowing the construction of his Wall on the US-Mexico border today. This is one of his first actions as the president addressing his ferociously anti-illegal immigration platform that he emphasized during his campaign. (The Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed a $1 billion increase in the city budget amid concerns of budget cuts under the Trump administration, especially as a sanctuary city for immigrants. This would allow $250 million in reserve each year for the next four years. (WSJ)

Happening on campus: The Korean Student Association is looking for scene directors for the KSA Culture Show 2017’s fashion show. Applications are due on Thursday, January 26, at 11:59PM.

Overheard: “We have a poop stain on our country, so, y’know, where’s the toilet wand for that?”

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Time to learn how to pole vault via The New Yorker