Same, sign. Same.

Same, sign. Same.

Well, Columbia, we’ve made it through the first weekend with all of us back in town. Did you spend your weekend raging at Beta? Marching through the streets? We’ve got all that and everything in between in today’s field notes. It’s good to be back in New York.

March First:

  • Met Vermin Supreme in a crowd of nasty women.
  • Ran into friends I hadn’t seen in years at the march.
  • Marched like I was born to march.
  • Witnessed physical fight between bikers for Trump and women’s marchers in Washington D.C. on Saturday.
  • Showed all of midtown my titties.
  • Saw a two year old boy holding up a sign that said “don’t be mean.” Cried.

Gettin’ Off Campus:

  • Had my ID denied for the first time at a club in Brooklyn.
  • Took an uber home from babysitting and wasn’t paying attention late at night; ended up across the park and racked up a high uber charge for the parents I babysit for—oops!
  • Went snowboarding in the rain in Pennsylvania.
  • Went to a hookah bar with friends until 3:00 am.
  • Spent two hours on Friday playing with pug puppies to distract myself from the inauguration.

Back to Being Messy:

  • Fetched my drunk roommate from Beta while wearing pajamas.
  • Took a study break to hook up with someone I met a bar.
  • Saw three giant raccoons in late night Riverside Park.
  • Picked up my friend from a Harmony party (……..) because she had low blood pressure.
  • Found the address of a creep, sneaked near his EC suite, and took a picture of the door to do extensive research on his suitemates.
  • Made my roommate yank off my skinny jeans because I was too drunk to get them off myself.

Photo via @adamjk.