Dear Vape God,

Who are you? What inspired you to engrave your dankness upon the driven snow? I could only imagine the scene, a bundled figure at the peak of the blizzard, staring towards the North Star while dramatic clouds blend into the snowy sky. And you would be alone, of course, because you’re a Vape God. And that’s not something you can just scream to the world. Who would understand your world of mods, your custom built rig, your dank homegrown vape trick Vine account. This is the life you’ve chosen, after all. The road you follow is paved with good intentions, but is so often obscured in the incipient haze of life. Are you in an EC Highrise single right now, projecting vaporwave mixes onto your wall? Or are you an alt denizen from across Broadway, leaving your tag on some faraway hold? Regardless, for one crystallized moment in the calm after the storm, we admired your art. Surely such creations are not meant to last, but your legend lives on in all of us.

Dank clouds via Bwog Staff