Should we be going on a cruise if we have been cruising through our last semester?

GSSC’s meeting yesterday was quite a ride! Bureau Chiefs Romane Thomas and Jennifer Nugent report on all the ups and downs.

Last night, GSSC talked food insecurity, senior cruise and appointments.

First up, GS Senator Curtis updated the council about the food bank. He praised Michael Higgins for his work to get the food bank running. Curtis explained that the food bank is looking to submit a business plan specifically as a non-profit. Concomitantly, the senate is currently working with students with disabilities. In coordination with Scott Wright and Sue Lee, Curtis has worked to include disabilities into the core curriculum through disability specific classes.

Vincente from CU FLIP appeared in front of council last night to request a partnership with GSSC. Raisa Flor introduced the FLIP app which allows individuals to share their extra meal swipes with other students in need. The app can also be used to showcase events that offer free food. Vincente pointed out that confidentiality is a crucial aspect of this initiative since food insecurity remains a very stigmatized topic. He also explained to a GSSC council member that the FLIP community regulated itself through a flagging process. After three members flag a post, it will automatically be taken down. The council approved the partnership and is also hoping to use the platform as a way of gathering data on food insecurity at Columbia.

Raisa Flor also spoke about her initiative to start a GSSC annual report that would include a list of all the events organized by the council and all of its expenses as well. She has met with Dean Hartford about including Dual BA students on council and hopes to have specific focus groups to garner a better understanding of the representation that they need. If you are interested in being part of these focus groups, sign up here.

Next up, the academic affairs representative announced that the application for IvyInspire is live and that five spots are available for the Columbia team. The student services representative spoke about the dining halls and explained that starting in the Fall, Columbia would have 24 h dining available. JJ’s will be open on a pilot program in the Fall and John Jay will also open from 2pm to 5pm during finals. VP of Communications Dennis Zhao asked council members to provide a headshot, a short description of their goals and a fun fact to the website.

Finance VP Jacob Case asked the council to vote on two expenditures. First, the senior cruise will cost $24,669 and the First Year winter formal will cost an additional $500. Both motions were approved.

Speaking on behalf of VP of Campus Life Brett Krasner, Adrienne reiterated the events planned for the weeks to come. GS week will start on Thursday March 1 with a talent show. Auditions will be held soon. Sign up to audition here. In addition, gala tickets will be available on March 2, March 3 and March 5 for $65 each.

First Year Representative Nicole Rodgers spoke about her involvement in multiple campus initiatives and committees. She is one of the Columbia delegates that will attend the Ivy mental health conference at Brown University. She also updated the council on the first year gala and asked council members to support her efforts by volunteering for the event’s preparation. She is also involved in the undergraduate committee for global thought and hopes to include input from first year students.

During the meeting, GSSC appointed three new members:

  • Former social media representative Karlee Rodrigues will now be chief of communication. She is hoping to continue building GSSC’s Instagram and hopes to take over other Columbia accounts to promote GSSC initiatives. As a film major she is excited to use her skills to put together a video of appreciation for Dean Awn. Visit her website:
  • Neuroscience and behavior major Sharanya Sivakurnar is nominated as the social media representative. A student on the pre-med track, Sharanya wants to get involved with GSSC because of her extensive experience in communications, especially as former president/music director of her a cappella group
  • Pierre Anquetil is a senior in the Dual BA program with SciencesPo. At SciencesPo, Pierre was treasurer of the council that organized student life. He supported the organization of two galas and a series of other events. He was on Columbia’s gala committee last year. As Social Chair, he hopes to include Dual BA students in the GS community but will not restrict his role to the Dual BA population.

Cruise Ship via Wikimedia