Moments after the temporary block on Muslim travel abn

Moments after the temporary block on Muslim travel ban

Happening in the nation: Muslim ban was temporarily blocked by federal judge James L. Robart, who is also known for his personal flair and his constant diligence in “representation of the disadvantaged.” He was also known for echoing “Black Lives Matter” movement’s slogan during past hearings, causing quite a reaction. (Washington Post).

Happening in NYC: On Friday, state Assembly Speaker, Carl Heastie, said that the legislation on plastic shopping bag fee may be postponed to a later date.

Happening on campus: Join HeforShe Columbia’s photo shoot launch events at 3:15 pm today on Low Plaza! This event is held in correspondence to the UN Women HeForShe University Program 30-Day Challenge. Columbia will be competing with other Ivies to raise money for advocacy for gender equality.

Overheard: “You can go to Shabbat any Friday.” “But this is mega Shabbat!” “Okay, well this is my mega cousin.”

Vicarious eating: For those who have no care for the SuperBowl, here is a random Korean eating for your eye’s consumption (Yes, it has three million+ views).

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