Happening in the United States: Yale University renamed Calhoun College to commemorate Grace Murray Hopper over John C. Calhoun’s controversial history as a defender of slavery. (BBC)

Happening in New York City: After taking a 5-day road trip in a stolen car, two Ohio teens were found in the cop’s car in Times Square. One of the girls’ mom exclaimed, “It is crazy. My daughter went to New York, Times Square. I have no idea how she got there!”

Happening on Campus: The Athena Film Festival, a celebration of women and leadership, is ending today! For those who aren’t rushing their homework for Monday, here is a list of programs that you can attend today.

Overheard: “She hooked up with a gossip girl actor.” “He’s also 14 years my senior.”

NYFW: Just take a look at this ridiculously wonderful sea urchin dress that engulfs the entirety of Lady Gaga.