Ann Thornton can’t screw around with this library at least.

Yesterday’s meeting of Engineering Student Council only entertained about half of the voting representatives, as the other half were, presumably, intensely studying for midterms this week. As such, Engineering Student Council Bureau Chief Finn Klauber only covers the few scant topics that were touched upon last night.

New NoCo Study Space

The discussion topic of the night consisted entirely of Representative for Technology Vinay Mehta, SEAS ’18, explaining the preliminary results of a seemingly ad hoc NoCo library space tribunal, in which Mehta represented undergraduate engineers. Supported by mock ups of the new space—pictures which are not published here as ESC has not made meeting notes or minutes public since their January 30th meeting, contrary to their promises—Mehta explained that the area up the stairs from the main library space is to be redone to make it less of a transient study space. Tables for group work will be added, as well as an area with stools (whether cushioned or high-back, the NoCo tribunal has not decided), and new lounge chairs, one of which will cost $1500.

The area is aimed to be more collaborative, as the library’s rules against food has prevented areas of study from being created which can accommodate multiple “study spaces” for laptops, work documents, etc. When asked why this is to be a study space and not a “lounge space,” Mehta responded that the tribunal first wanted to revamp the sixth floor of the library into a “cool student lounge area,” but that “fire codes” forced the team to instead create this “half in between compromise.” While looking to be expensive, Mehta clarified that the money for the upgrades come from Columbia, and would be applied to NoCo regardless later this year, as much of the furniture needs to be replaced. Furthermore, when questioned regarding the quality of the frameworks used in engineering spaces—according to VP for Communications Anthony Kim the tables in Mudd Lounge wobble annoyingly—Mehta responded that the pieces used will be slightly different and more expensive than those in Mudd Lounge, though they both come from the same manufacturer.


  • ESC is encouraging the completion of this Swipes Access Survey about whether GS students should have swipes access to more Columbia buildings. Over 225 responses have been logged so far, but VP for Policy Sidney Perkins desires more SEAS responses.
  • The Student Affairs Committee of the University Senate is preparing a presentation regarding proposals for Student Space™ at Columbia. In what must be an effort to rework her horrific image, Librarian to the Stars Ann Thornton has responded to calls for improvement of student mental health by putting self care reminders around the library and “increasing the amount of fun activities.” We seriously doubt her true loyalty to the mental health cause.

Image via Columbia University