Can Bwog come to gala? Just kidding the tickets are sold out.

GSSC Bureau Chief Romane Thomas provides the scoop on what GSSC talked about in this week’s meeting, which includes gala ticket confusions and mental health issues.

Last night, General Studies Student Council met in the Lerner Satow Room to clear up confusion about gala tickets and announce some upcoming events.

Silin Chan and Raisa Flor, with the help of Nicole Rodgers, announced the creation of a Friend to Friend training program. This program is meant to train council members on stress management and suicide prevention and will take place on March 23. The policy team also spoke about the recent well-being and mental health workshop organized by the mental health task force. This workshop led to some productive conversation about “challenges and opportunities to increase mental well-being” said Flor. A report will compile the conclusions from this workshop. Lastly, the policy team announced that constitutional review was well under-way and that they would be meeting every Tuesday at 6:30pm after spring break to continue the progress. Raisa Flor invited all who were interested to come and give their input.

President Larosa announced that some space in Lerner would be opening up over the summer. Consequently, the staff at Lerner is thinking of repurposing it for student lounges among other things.

The Veteran Affairs Representative congratulated the council on a successful MilVets panel.
The Student Services Representative updated the council on his recent work. He joked that he had “been working on swipe accessibility for GS students for about ten years.” A recent survey was sent out to CC students about their reactions to providing this access. So far, 535 students have answered the survey. The Student Services Representative hopes to have an inter-council resolution drafted by the end of March.

VP of Student Life Brett Krasner spoke about the recent technical problems that occurred surrounding the sell of gala tickets. Student reported that they were unable to buy the tickets even though the Eventlife count showed that tickets were still available. Krasner explained that Eventlife’s count did not reflect the actual number of gala tickets left. Although the count showed that several tickets remained, in reality, tickets were sold out in minutes.

After clearing up the misunderstanding on this issue, Krasner announced the date for the upcoming Shabbat dinner: March 21. He also severely disappointed Bwog by telling them that no puppies were coming to campus. He then assured the council that several members of GS will be bringing their dogs after the break to have a play-date on Lewisohn lawn to make up for this profound disappointment. He also congratulates the council on their successful organization of the first events of GS week, namely the MilVets panel, relaxation hour and tiramisu snack-break.

Finally the council heard from a candidate to the Gala Master of Ceremony position. Prospective candidate, Nick, spoke beautifully about GS and linked the school with Gala’s theme by saying that “If Columbia University is the Lapland National Park, GS students are its Northern Lights”

Other updates:

  • A four-council joint end of the year project is in the works.
  • A potential coffee house event will take place at the end of the semester. More updates on this soon.
  • Ivy policy conference applications close Sunday night. Several tracks to this conference are available: a mental health track, sexual violence prevention and response track, a civil liberties and equity track.
  • The nominating applications for the awards for excellence in teaching in administration will go up this week. Nomination are expected by April 12.

Admit One via wikimedia