Next on our Barnard Housing Review tour is 110, or sometimes called College Residence (both very innovative, creative names). Many people say Cathedral Gardens is the dorm to live in if you’re looking for a grown-up experience, but often fail to mention 110. With its own distance from campus, non-college habitants, and residents’ privileges to buzz up their visitors,  you’ll feel just as adult as your CG peers.

Location: 601 W 110th St (Between Broadway and Riverside).

Nearby Dorms: Nussbaum, Harmony, the 113 farts and sororities.

Stores and Restaurants: While most Barnard students will spend their days getting ripped off by MoWill’s high prices and limited selection, you’ll have access to Westside (110 st.) and Garden of Eden (108 st.).

Cost: unofficially $9,230 for a multiple, $10,712 for a single, and $16,000 for a studio single.

Amenities: Kitchen/Bathroom/Lounge space: Kitchens are pretty narrow, but every suite has one with a fridge, stove, and a counter top. There is also a small dining/ common space.

Laundry: In the basement. Machines are fine, but don’t take the same cards as the rest of the Barnard dorms. You’ll have to get a new one.

Computers/Printers: The closest are in Butler, haha.

Gym: No gym here, but you’ll be walking at least 12 blocks every day, so that counts as something.

Intra-transportation: two really nice, modern, wood paneled elevators that are covered in this weird gray fabric. The reasoning might be connected to why 110’s lobby is actually made of marble, but is currently covered up.

Wifi: Fast. You get your own router. (ProTip from a resident: write the password somewhere in your room and hang it up for visitors because you will not want to check it every time someone wants to access wifi.)

Hardwood/Carpet: Depends on the suite. Most rooms have carpet, while the common spaces are wood. The bathroom floors are marble, which is fancy.

Room variety: A mix of studio singles, walk-through doubles, and suite-style apartments including doubles and triples. Be mindful there aren’t any single rooms in 110 suites, so your only shot at having your own room in this building is in a studio single. Some suites have two bathrooms, a luxury the 600s will never know. Everything in 110 is very unique, as they are all converted apartments.

Numbers: Total mix of Barnard sophomores/juniors/seniors. Given its mystique and lack of singles, not many people go for 110, so it can be easier for sophomores to slide in here compared to 620 or CG

Bwog Recommendations: 

  • You’re right next to the 110 train station, which means you’re one more stop closer to that 96 express stop.
  • You could also take the train to campus. I would.
  • The hallways are really big and RA suites aren’t that plentiful, so you could probably get away with some stuff that you wouldn’t be able to do in the 600s.
  •  You’ve got a little gap between you and the rest of campus, which can be nice, but also inconvenient if you’re not very punctual. Even still, the short blocks and familiarity of Broadway don’t make the walk feel that long.

Resident Opinions

  • “You have a little phone in the kitchen and can buzz up food, guests, ect.”
  • “The building super is amazing. If you ever need anything — more chairs, pipe isolated — he’s on it. Our ceiling fell in last semester and it was fixed within days”
  • “This dorm is so underrated. 110 is where it’s at.”
  • “You also don’t get free toilet paper, but we’ve all got to grow up some time.”
  • “The furniture is really unique and cute. Also, real mattresses, not those dorm shits!”