As my great-great-great-grandmother always used to say, one must not always rely on external validation. The seasons change, and people vary, but there is perhaps only one constant — you. Validation that comes from within rather than from without is as firm a foundation as whatever the hell is holding up Butler after all these years of suffering. It is as constant as the turning of the sun, my LitHum classmates using the word “dichotomy”, and my neighbors smoking weed on weeknights. Yet, someone else is more constant than these constant things, and it is that one person who always likes our posts through the Facebook widget.

I see you, you beautiful anonymous user, liking my shitty Bwoglines content the moment it is posted. Cheetahs travel at 109.4-120.7 km/h, peregrine falcons travel at 389 km/h, and black marlins travel 129 km/h, but 3*10^8 m/s is the speed at which you travel to like our posts and the speed in which I fell in love with you. May your days be merry, and may you keep refreshing our website (or continuing to be a bot).