He has the key to a bottomless pit, but who has the key to my heart?

Happening in the world: On Wednesday, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured the closest-ever pictures of Saturn’s atmosphere. It also found a quote unquote “giant hurricane.” (Space.com)

Happening in NYC: Cutting bathroom tissue as the inaugural ribbon, the toilet authorities of NYC opened a public bathroom that cost nearly $300,000 to make (it has imported tiles and classical music). (TIME)

Happening on campus: Later today at 3 pm in the Satow Room on the 5th floor of Lerner, the Office of Financial Aid will host a party of sorts concerning reapplying for financial aid. There will be useful information and dim-sum.

Overheard: “Something was put into a bank vault and never put again.”
“Sometimes I quote myself in Bwoglines.”

Health goth tip: “Don’t buy a bag of Doritos at 2 am in the morning because you’ll end up eating half the bag.” – Anonymous

The Angel with the Key to the Bottomless Pit by Albrecht Dürer via the Met