Pretty marble staircase in the lobby.

Welcome to Carlton Arms, friends. The name sounds like a 19th style bar you’d find in the English countryside, and honestly, the dorm isn’t too far off from that reverie. It’s a million blocks away from the rest of civilization and everything is made of marble (well, in the lobby at least). Let’s check it out! 

Location: 362 Riverside Drive (between 108th and 109th)

Nearby dorms: Harmony is over on 110th between Broadway and Amsterdam, but other than that, you’re pretty alone.

Stores and restaurants: Rite Aid, Chipotle, West Side Market, Starbucks

Cost: Standardized to $9,292/year


  • Bathrooms: two private bathrooms per suite (one men’s, one women’s)
  • AC/Heat: Yes heat. No AC.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Kitchen and lounge in every suite.
  • Laundry: Free in basement.
  • Computers/Printers: PawPrint station in lobby.
  • Gym: No gym. But honestly, the walk from 109th and Riverside to campus is exercise enough.
  • Intra-transportation: Two elevators and a pretty spiral staircase.
  • Wifi: Yes ma’am.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Carpet in main suite area, linoleum in bathrooms, wood in bedrooms.
  • Facilities: Bathrooms and kitchens cleaned once weekly, trash and recycling taken out every day.
  • Bonus: Bike storage in the basement!

Room variety:

  • There are only two suites available for undergrads! The rest are reserved for engineering/combined plan students and ALP students.
  • Large suites with average of ~5 rooms per suite. Some rooms are singles, some are doubles. Ratio is 25/53 for singles/doubles.
  • Singles can range from 120 square feet to up to 180 square feet. Doubles anywhere from 200-260 square feet.
  • Most of the rooms have charming river views (one plus of living all the way on Riverside!).

Bwog recommendations:

  • Large suites with kitchens and common areas are really fun for hosting parties. (RIP Barlton Arms, suite 9C).
  • It is hellaaa far away, so be prepared to walk.
  • If you don’t live in this dorm, you need to have your CU ID stickers updated in order to enter without a sign in!

Resident opinions:

  •  “I have often been late to meetings.”
  • “My step count is fantastic.”
  • “I’ve felt isolated from the rest of the Columbia community this year, but there is a dope taco truck in front of the Rite Aid sometimes.”