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Housing Reviews 2017: East Campus (Highrise)

That is one high rise

So you’re finally a senior. Ready to move back on campus? Ready to relive some of those Carman vibes? Well, with a highrise suite in East Campus, you can. Check out these views. 

Location: 70 Morningside Drive – Accessible through the Wien Courtyard or via Revson Plaza.

  • Nearby dorms: Wien. Also, Plimpton, if you squint your eyes.
  • Stores and restaurants: HamDel, two halal carts, Appletree Market, SubsConscious, Che Bella, University Stationers, Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, Friedman’s.


  • The cost for upperclassman housing is now standard: $9,292. The dorm was priced at $10,120 last year, in the most expensive tier.


  • Bathrooms: Every setup gets a bathroom. Two-person flats have 38 sq. ft. bathrooms, while 5- and 6- person suites are a bit bigger to accomodate a second sink and a stalled-off toilet. Even the 6th floor has bathrooms! They all get cleaned weekly. Public second floor bathrooms are pretty gross. Suite bathrooms feel a bit better, but they would take some effort on the part of the residents to look clean.
  • AC/Heating: It has A/C, which is a predictably a huge plus in the early months/during NSOP ragers.
  • Lounge: Floor and building lounges exist, and can be described mostly as “just fine.” Floor Lounges are on the 12th, 14th, and 20th floors, and they have microwaves. Large, lounge-y living spaces define EC – they’re normally well-lit in the days and lit at night. Living spaces are on separate floors from suite bedrooms and the same floor as two-person flat and double rooms.
  • Kitchen: Suites and flats get kitchens. Kitchens come with dishwashers (not super powerful), fridges, ovens, and stoves. Microwaves not provided, but they exist in floor lounges. They’re cramped if you want to have multiple people cooking in them.
  • Laundry: Takes place in the basement. There’s a lot of machines. Like, 30 washers and dryers.
  • Fire escapes: No good access.
  • Bike storage: Bike storage is available underneath EC in the Wien Courtyard.
  • Computer/printers: Available on floors 10 and 18. One printer and a half-dozen computers per lounge. There is also a printer in the lobby.
  • Gym: Floors 8 and 16 have cardio rooms with treadmills/ellipticals.
  • Intra-transportation: Two elevators are pretty fast, but they often have to make a lot of stops. Occasionally, maintenance takes one over, and then there’s one elevator for the whole place. Two stairwells, one on the elevator side of the floor and one exit-only staircase on the far side.
  • Hardwood/carpet: Carpeted hallways, hardwood suite common areas. Doubles are carpeted. Bedrooms are hardwood. If you look close, you can find some linoleum in some of the kitchens.
  • Bonus: Relatively large music practice rooms on three odd-numbered floors. Par-tays.

Room variety:

  • 7 all-single six person suites, one per “normal” floor  (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20). Their common areas are slightly smaller (10 sq. ft.) than other common areas.
  • 7 all-single five person suites, one per normal floor. The A-room in these are really big singles.
  • 56 (eight per real floor) suites with three singles and one double. The double faces out towards Morningside Park.
  • 35 (five per real floor) two-person flats. The middle-most of all of these is reserved for the RA on each floor. A few are reserved for the RHD and GHD. These singles are spacious at 158 sq. ft., and the flats have a bathroom and a kitchen, with no common area.
  • 8 doubles on the sixth floor, weighing in at 200 square feet plus their own bathroom. You’ll be on the same floor as hotel residents.


  • Two-Person Flats: 30/1445 last year, 30/1084 the year before. These are popular for two people who are trying to live together.
  • Doubles: 10/2495 last year, 10/2331 the year before. The lack of a kitchen (or access thereto) or any other real benefits makes these rooms pretty unpopular.
  • Six-Person Suites: 30/300 last year, 30/534 the year before. Don’t bet on EC if you’re six people, but savor the opportunity if you get it.
  • Five-Person All-Single Suites: 30/301 last year, 30/354 the year before. These are the first suites of 5 to go in the building, and they generally go even before any Hogan suites.
  • Five-Person Double Suites: 30/2868 last year, 28/120 the year before. If you’re a senior group, you’re gonna get in here unless you get some really bad luck. Really consider your risks before accepting a rising junior or a Barnard student into your group.

Bwog recommendation:

This is it! The place to be… that is, if you’re fine with really loud weekends and average-at-best facilities. The living spaces really make it all worth it, not only because you’ll be a social hub, but because it’s a great place to, well, live. (Because sixth floor doubles lack a common space, they’re really not as good.) Make sure you’re willing to put in the work to make your place look and feel good. If hosting parties isn’t super important for you, you should also consider living in Hogan as a prime option. High floors have fantastic views. As one Bwogger wrote, “EC or die.”

Resident opinions:

  • “I’ve lived here for three years and I think the courtyard is the most underutilized space in the building.”
  • “This is definitely the place to live if you want to feel a little more like you’re in an apartment rather than a dorm, but still want to see people you know pretty easily.”
  • “Views are spectacular. You really are not going to get anything better in New York for a long time.”
  • “Sign-ins on Saturday nights are a pain in the ass past 11 pm.”
  • “It’s possible to avoid socializing in EC. So if you don’t know your suitemates that well, don’t worry about that.”
  • “If you hear screaming, don’t assume someone is just being loud in the next suite.”


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    @Anonymous The best dorm ever!!!

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