Long hallways, easy to get lost…

Welcome to Furnald Hall, the hotel of campus! Furnald is quiet and beautiful, like a virgin swan. It’s a great option for first-years and sophomores who like to read in their room. Check it out!

Location: 2940 Broadway; inside main campus, between Lerner and Pulitzer

Nearby dorms: Carman, John Jay, Hartley, Wallach

Stores and restaurants: Morton Williams, Starbucks, International, Sweetgreen, M2M

Cost: $8,166/year for first years, standardized to $9,292/year for sophomores


  • Bathrooms: Shared on each floor. 1-2 floors may be coed, 3rd floor and up are separate for men and women—however, each floor can also decide for the restrooms on that floor to be gender neutral. Each has three toilet stalls and three shower stalls.
  • AC/Heat: both!
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Lounge with kitchen and cable TV on every floor, huge gorgeous lounge on the main floor.
  • Laundry: Free in the basement
  • Computers/Printers: computer lab with printers on main floor
  • Gym: nope.
  • Intra-transportation: two elevators! and stairs, of course.
  • Wifi: Yes.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Carpet in the halls, hardwood in the rooms.
  • Facilities: Kitchens and bathrooms cleaned every weekday. Trash is the responsibility of the resident.
  • Bonus: I mean, have you seen the lobby?

Room variety:

  • Vast majority of rooms are singles (190), with 28 doubles floating around.
  • 10th floor is home to roomy singles with high ceilings (often coveted by quiet sophomores).
  • All rooms have pretty fabulous views of either campus or Broadway.


  • Last year’s cutoff was 10/170 for singles (no data for doubles).
  • Overall, Furnald is mostly first-years with a sprinkling of sophomores.

Bwog recommendation:

  • Very quiet, very quaint. Nice if you like to study in your room and watch the sunrise over campus.
  • The views really are something to celebrate.
  • If you’re a rising sophomore, don’t discount Furnald! Those 10th floor singles are spacious and ever so close to campus (i.e., literally on campus).
  • The lobby kind of makes you feel like you’re living in an old, fancy hotel.

Resident Opinions:

  • “Overall, I’d say that I really enjoy living in Furnald. It tends to be quiet most of the time, which is really helpful for studying. Because most people tend to be so work-oriented, it can be hard to make friends at first, but if you’re intentional in pursuing relationships then that becomes a non-issue.”
  • “Furnald is a great place to live in, you know, it is quiet, and clean, and there is AC.”