A woman appearing to be Dean Cristen Scully-Kromm crouching after finishing a vault over a closed fence onto a Butler south lawn.

She’s a sneaky dean

Lawn access isn’t great at Columbia. For most of the year, they’re covered in tarps, and when it finally gets warm, they’re taken away almost immediately for commencement. While student council candidates promise to improve lawn access, one brave administrator decided to take matters into her own hands. A tipster sent us photos purporting to show Dean of Undergraduate Student Life Cristen Scully Kromm hopping the fence of one of Butler’s lawns. A red flag flying over the lawn was not enough to deter the adventurous dean from vaulting over the barrier. Why she needed lawn access is a mystery yet to be solved – maybe she wanted to engage in a particularly energetic game of Spikeball. Dean Kromm has vocalized her support for greater lawn access in the past – it’s good to see admins being the change they want to see on the campus.

We haven’t seen a dean have this much trouble navigating campus since Deantini had to snap a photo of a campus map.

Additional photos of the scandalous incident are below:

Photos via Tip Form