Drinks are expensive. Which trust fund baby abandoned their full drink?

Happening Around the World: Syria has accused Russia of participating in air strikes that have left at least 53 civilians dead. Russia has been an important ally to Syrian president al-Assad and has previously been reprimanded for their role in the continuation of the Syrian crisis. (BBC)

Happening in the US: With accusations of sexual harassment spanning across both the Democratic and Republican parties, Congress has been scrutinized and pressured to take action on the rising issue of sexual harassment through legislation. With an increase in the number of victims speaking out and revealing their stories, responses from Congress have ranged from calls for those accused to resign from their positions to publicly renouncing those who have assaulted individuals. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: After a mere six months of being in service, five ferry boats have been docked due to officials finding holes in their infrastructures. Though they believe improperly installed cooling systems may have resulted in the development of holes, the true cause is unknown, prompting investigation in order to prevent future disasters from occurring on similar boats. (Pix11)

Happening on Campus: Still used to using Canvas instead of Courseworks? Attending “Course Management: Introduction to Courseworks” in Butler Library today from 12:00-1:15 PM in Room 204 may be the perfect event for you. This training session will focus primarily on the instructor portion of the website, but all are invited to attend and learn more about Courseworks!

Overseen on Campus: A full drink abandoned at 1020 (see image above).

Trust fund babies are wild via Bwog Staff