Tonight, Bwog’s GSSC Bureau Chief Alex Tang brings us updates from last night’s GSSC (General Studies Student Council) meeting, featuring attendees in costumes and lots of free candy. 

Last night, GSSC held a festive Halloween-themed town hall meeting, which included GSSC officers and some audience members in Halloween costumes. The lively cast of characters at this meeting included Superman, Catwoman, and Wednesday Addams.

The meeting ended with a costume contest. Check the GSSC Facebook page to vote on the best pair, funniest, and scariest costume categories. Voting closes on Monday.

The meeting itself was relatively short, with only a few announcements.

councilmembers in costume

GSSC is planning to set up snack attack events for each of the weeks leading up to finals. Each snack attack event will be planned at different times, in order to catch students with different availabilities. Through the event, GSSC hopes that students can mingle and get to know each other, as well as the new lounge where the events will be hosted. GSSC plans to do its best to advertise the event through the usual channels (Facebook, twitter, etc), and by word of mouth.

In cooperation with several indigenous students groups on campus, GSSC is also supporting a program that will send 500 postcards to at-risk youth in reservations across America. Students will be able to write positive messages on postcards and to make their own visual decorations. The event is tentatively planned for November 16 or 17.

GSSC is also planning its annual Thanksgiving event for GS students who remain in town. The event should happen in the lounge, and an event announcement will be up after Fall Break.

Finally, GSSC is setting up a panel event geared toward international students in GS. Hosted at noon, this event will include lunch, and will feature several international student speakers, who will discuss their experiences on campus as international students.

image via GSSC’s Facebook livestream