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Bwog In Bed: Midweek Misery Edition

She’s thinking about how chill and helpful this Bwog In Bed is, I promise.

It’s Wednesday, my dudes. Is that a primal scream you hear? Most definitely. Hop into bed with Bwog this morning and chill the fuck out before realising you have two days left until finals really begins.

Bwogline: Doug Jones wins! Jones wins the senate seat in the Alabama election against Roy Moore. The first Democrat to win the seat since the early 1990s, Jones’ victory means that the Republican majority in the Senate will be narrowed to 51-49. CNN’s exit poll found that Jones’ win “was fuelled by huge turnout — and near unanimous support — from black voters.” (CNN)

Study Tip: Don’t study. Don’t open a book, don’t pick up a pen, don’t flip a page. Butler? Forget her! Avery? Who cares! LeFrak? Literally never heard of it! If you don’t study, you don’t pass. If you don’t pass, you don’t graduate. If you don’t graduate, you don’t need to study any longer! Now isn’t that what higher education in the Ivy League is all about? It’s a “Yes” from Bwog.

Music: Never listened to any of these songs, but here’s a 7 minute and 51 second long playlist about our favourite day of the week!

Procrastination Tip: Collect all nearby pulpous fruit and lay it along the ground. Roll around in it. Feel your stress bleed away into the fruit. Wait to marinate.

Overheard: She grows out her armpit hair… she must smoke weed.

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