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Closing Remarks: Don’t Get An ‘A’ Edition


Let’s reminisce on that time, long ago, when classes were on and professors still inspired. Inspired you not to go class. Or maybe, inspired you to actually go to class. Either way, there were classes and there were professors. Here’s our professors at their finest moments.

David Siegel: “I wish I did more charity work. Which is kinda why I teach here.”

Jon Snow, Cell Bio: “This is the real reason why I didn’t post the slides until this morning… I didn’t want to give away my sweet sheets upon sheets joke!”

Hisham Matar, Fiction Writing: “I think mac and cheese has got incredible potential.”

Peter Kelemen: “I lost my original wedding ring in a leaf bag.”

Ross Hamilton, 18th Century Literature: [While handing out the midterm] “It smells like marijuana in here.”

Tim Paine, Essential Data Structures: “The goal of this class is not to get an A.”

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