Bwog does outreach in NoCo, an (alleged) gathering space for STEM students

Attention all SEAS students, pre-meds, bio majors, physics majors, students in FroSci who actually enjoy FroSci, and anyone at Columbia/Barnard who studies and/or is interested in STEM subjects:

Bwog is pleased to announce that, starting this semester, we will be featuring a greater amount of science-related coverage. In other words, we’d like to better represent the experiences and interests of Columbia’s STEM community.

Here are some new features that you can expect from Bwog this semester:

  • Science Fair: Similar in format to Where Art Thou and Bucket List, Science Fair will be a curated weekly list of STEM-related events happening on campus or in New York City. Examples of events might be talks by prominent scientists, research symposiums, or networking events with other scientists.
  • A regularly occurring advice column for STEM students: We get it. STEM subjects are difficult, and there’s a whole culture that STEM students are expected to assimilate into. Bwog will provide advice (gained from interviews with upperclassmen and professors) for topics such as getting involved with on-campus research, study tips for large science lecture classes, and life in graduate school.
  • Coverage of Columbia’s diverse STEM community: Bwog will be be exploring the various science-related clubs, research labs, and events around campus, and publish posts that introduce the broad variety of science life at Columbia. Such posts might be about the ground-breaking research that a specific lab at the medical school is involved in, one of the many free astronomy nights that the astronomy department hosts, or a club-hop. The idea is that all readers, science and non-science students alike, will be able to learn something new about science. You might even discover a new lab or club that you might be interested in joining!

Finally, Bwog is still recruiting writers who study science! We value the perspectives and experiences that STEM students will bring to Bwog, in terms of helping us cover science events and writing about issues that relate to STEM students. As a science writer, you’ll have the opportunity to get first-hand access to various events around Columbia, as well as practice and improve on your ability to write about science. No prior experience in journalism is necessary. If interested, please email, or come to one of our open meetings at 9pm on Sundays in Lerner 510.