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Field Notes: Winter Break Edition

Get it… like… field?

With break having come and gone, syllabus week is the perfect time to reflect. Our little time without school work and obligations gave Bwog the perfect opportunity to have some fun. Here’s some of the highlights from Bwog’s break!

Bwog gets sick

  • Had to go to the ER (not alcohol-related).
  • Got destroyed by the flu on the last day of break.
  • Got CAVA’d the weekend before classes start (i.e. this past weekend). Great way to start off the semester.
  • Ate a Baconator from Wendy’s and was sick for 4 days after.
  • Threw up in a billionaire’s tennis-themed bathroom before helping cater their new year’s eve party (cause unknown).
  • Got all my drinks paid for on New Year’s; woke up with strep the next day.
  • Threw up in my mouth on the LIRR. Was wedged in-between two people talking loudly on the phone.
  • Hyperventilated and threw salmon up into the ocean.

Bwog gets messy

  • Asked my mom to buy me a bottle of peppermint vodka as an advanced birthday present.  She bought me two bottles.
  • Drank the equivalent of a bottle of wine by myself at my family’s holiday dinner.
  • While totally smashed, did dishes with my brother and told him way more than he needed to know about my sex life.
  • Messed with this light fixture in my house and caused it to literally fall out of the ceiling; spent the hours between midnight and 3am somehow putting it back in the wall with the help of a screwdriver, piano stand, couch cushion, dental floss, and Google.
  • Took the fall for my sister when she spilled red wine on my mom’s favorite rug.
  • Made jungle juice with my mom on Christmas. My sisters and I began drinking at 11 am.
  • Got wine drunk in a restaurant with my mom.

Bwog is accomplished

  • Learned how to surf.
  • Went ice skating and only fell once.
  • Napped. Like, hella napped.
  • Survived an incoming ballistic missile by just waiting it out.
  • Cleaned my closet and re-alphabetized all my books.
  • Binged a 40-episode Netflix show while still working full time.
  • Got surprisingly and very aggressively back into Merlin.
  • Got my driver’s license!
  • Made it through the office Christmas party without any awkward interactions from coworkers!
  • Went to Applebee’s not once, but twice. Thanks, Long Island.
  • Went scuba diving for the first time.
  • Calculated my IHOP tip correctly while drunk and without a calculator!

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  • Pro Tip says:

    @Pro Tip It’s easy to correctly calculate the tip when you leave $0.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Tip=Tax*2 + a bit if you’re feeling generous or the service was good. ez.

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