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Field Notes: Super Bowl Weekend Edition

Ahhh, a slice of pizza the size of your whole body from Koronet’s always does the trick.

Though the semester is finally starting to kick in with the workload and assignments due, Bwog Staffers still made sure to take some time out of their busy lives and enjoy their weekends. Luckily, we compiled the best of their stories from the past few days and have a nice list for your enjoyment.

Bwog and the City:

  • Met a detective and my Law and Order dreams came true.
  • Went home just to see my dog and steal some avocados.
  • Lost all sensation in my left hand for 16 hours after canvassing in Queens when it was ten degrees Fahrenheit outside.
  • Spent over two hours at bluestockings looking at books before ultimately deciding not to buy anything.
  • Figured out how to program “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” at a Korean karaoke place, then proceeded to absolutely fail at singing it because the lyrics were all in Japanese.
  • Helped my angry drunk friend home after finding her in Roti Roll thanks to Find my Friends, even though she’d texted me that she was “in an uber home.”
  • Went to a virtual reality concert. Met a cute boy who made fun of my Jack Wills parka.
  • Slipped on ice whilst drunk and entered John Jay lobby with a bleeding wound on my leg.
  • Went to Yale for a program training. Surprised myself by actually being happy to see the Columbia gates for once.

Bwog and Food/Drink:

  • Showed up to 1020 at 9:30 PM and stayed outside with my friend eating a vegan, gluten-free lemon pot cookie for 4 hours.
  • Listened to my roommate read high-quality poetry while we were both drunk.
  • Tried to recite “Howl” on the subway with my roommate but didn’t get past the first few lines because we were both drunk.
  • Went to a bougie Japanese restaurant for restaurant week with friends.
  • Came early to a frat party and proceeded to pregame with the bros (+ receive the numbers of half of the executive board).
  • Had my first slice of Koronet’s of 2018.
  • Switched my band instrument from “clarinet” to “bottle of wine.”
  • Got blasted off champagne.
  • Spent a wholesome Friday night drinking in my room in PJ’s w my friends and not going out.
  • Realized I like olives.
  • Drank the shittiest homemade mead.
  • Was forced to eat a fucking Belvita breakfast bar at 1 AM when i found out JJ’s was closed.

Bwog and the Super Bowl:

  • Went to arts and crafts with a bunch of NYC socialists following a regional conference and listened to a (ridiculously loud) debate about whether the proletariat should root for the Eagles or the Patriots.
  • Rewatched a romcom instead of watching the Super Bowl.
  • Went home for my mom’s Super Bowl extravaganza but also because my dog died.
  • Comforted a sobbing friend after the Patriots lost.
  • Rooted for the Eagles even though I’m from Boston, cuz fuck Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (they’re Trump supporters).

Bwog and Love:

  • Fell in love with Martha Stewart at her speaking event.
  • Drunk texted my ex at an Adult Mom concert, which felt really fitting.
  • Ran into an old hookup at brunch – he sat with me and my friends which was kind of weird.
  • Ran into the junior that asked me out last week, proceeded to have a very intense public make out session at Mel’s.
  • Attempted to set up a friend here with my cousin who lives in Wisconsin.
  • Danced with a dude who kept kissing my ear and then noticed later my earring was gone so I think he ate it.
  • Went on a really really great date and im basking in that glow right now.
  • Had a terribly confusing drunk conversation with one of my future roommates where he told me that if he wasn’t dating his girlfriend we’d probably be dating.
  • Re-downloaded Tinder :(

Miscellaneous Bwog:

  • Applied for a job solely because an actor I love from Veronica Mars is now a lawyer there.
  • Almost cried when I heard about my brothers starting salary at a hedge fund.
  • Ended up getting into a debate about whether dogs can get mono (they can’t).
  • Had a former hookup drop out of my Shakespeare class so we can stop pretending to not remember each other.
  • Had a tattoo consultation, which was going really well until we started to talk about the price.
  • Cried 3 nights out of 4, once while writing my P1 (not about my P1 though).
  • Promised both my parents I’d get a flu shot and proceeded not to get one.
  • Was asked why I wasn’t going out on Saturday night, by some random guy in my suite who also wasn’t going out on Saturday night.

Love from Koronet’s via Bwog Staffer


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