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Bwoglines: Catch Flights, Not Feelings Edition

Get like the Scooby Gang and head to Spooky Island this spring break

Happening in the World: Mo Farah, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, took to Instagram Live after allegedly being racially profiled at a Munich airport. Farah reports being pushed and harassed and being subjected to a security check, because he wore a hoodie. German Federal Police has released a statement saying that they were merely following protocol. (The Independent)

Happening in the US: Richard Jantz, a University of Tennessee researcher, has revisited the forensic findings of the Nikumaroro remains, believing them to belong to pilot Amelia Earhart after her mysterious disappearance. Though the remains’ whereabouts are currently unknown, Jantz believes the inadequacy of forensics during the twentieth century could have misled the initial examiner. While it is still unclear if the remains are Earhart’s, forensic analysts are using image scaling to determine the possibility. (NPR)

Happening in NYC: The John F. Kennedy International Airport unveiled a new mural in Terminal 4 of New York’s iconic sites among the five boroughs. The mural, drawn by British artist Chris Dent, is comprised of thirty-two illustrations, from yellow cabs to the Empire State Building. Travelers in this terminal are advised to spread their New York love once more before they leave. (Metropolitan Airport News)

Happening on Campus: Spring break begins today! Finally get your well-needed rest and relaxation after your exams. In between your mojitos and sangrias, be it abroad, back home, or in the heart of New York City, get the sleep you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Overheard: “You won’t get kidnapped in Mexico – we hired a bodyguard.”

Bop of the Day:

all I wanna do is [cash register noise] sleep via Pixabay

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