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Field Notes: Beta Jam Edition

Hey man, rush Beta.

Spring break may have been over for two weeks, but some Bwog Staffers are still partying it up like they’re in Miami Beach. Luckily, we have collected all of their stories and amassed them just for you. If you have any stories from the weekend you would like added, email us at and we will promptly add yours!

Bwog and Alcohol:

  • Blacked out three nights in a row for the first time since October.
  • Went to a dinner that started wholesome and ended with bag of wine thrown out a fourth-story window.
  • Got angry drunk and bitched out a boy in Riverside.
  • Stole beer from a frat party and brought it to Butler…a Public Safety officer saw us drinking and then quickly walked away.
  • Got crossed for the first time and went bar hopping for my friend’s birthday.
  • Took my friend from Brown to 1020, where he had his first bar experience.

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to see MGMT at Brooklyn Steel!
  • Went to Brooklyn for Columbia Community Outreach and spent 3 hours turning big sticks into smaller sticks just so they could be thrown away.
  • Spent time in 4 out of 5 boroughs over the course of about 12 hours.
  • Wrote gay poetry on the subway.
  • Went to a Funny Hat Party in Bushwick and was the youngest person there.
  • Ate the most amazing calzone of my life in the Bronx after CCO.
  • Blacked out and woke up on the Upper East Side.
  • Went home for exactly twenty-four hours.
  • Went to dinner at Persepolis w/ friends and then ate some moist-af cupcakes from Two Little Red Hens.
  • Had my first acai bowl at Two Hands and James Franco was there.
  • Went to March For Our Lives and was significantly confused when they started playing Promiscuous and Timber.

Bwog and Beta Jam:

  • Tried moshing for the first time at Beta Jam, hated it.
  • Took a 2 hour nap before Beta Jam which lasted from 5 PM to 12 AM.
  • Saw like the entire staff of bwog at beta jam ayy!
  • Went to Beta Jam and then went to 1020 to celebrate another one of my friends’ birthdays.

Bwog and The Grind:

  • Pulled an almost all-nighter (only got two hours of sleep) because I was knitting.
  • Played Dungeons & Dragons for the first time, with a character directly based on my postmodernism professor.
  • Copped an EC sign in just so I could drop off a birthday card for the guy who usually signs me into EC ( and who I know only from the EC lobby).
  • Napped through the Bwog meeting :(

Bwog and Love:

  • Lived my gayest life and watched the But I’m a Cheerleader musical, followed by meeting up with a girl from Bumble and watching Pride and Prejudice together.
  • Spent the night at my ex’s. Oops.
  • Got the approval from two friends to fuck their exes on separate occasions (one ex i’m trying to scheme, the other who is trying to scheme me)
  • Slept over with a boy who fed drunk me a poptart; laid in bed with him in the morning for four hours.
  • Had my best guy friend attempt to call my past hookup to hang out with us (without telling me!) after Beta so he would keep me occupied and he “wouldn’t feel tempted to”
  • Spent about two hours making out in the corner at a frat party mid-week and ended up on 10+ Snapchat stories.

Extra Bwog:

  • Twisted both of my ankles, completely sober.
  • Ran into a girl crying on Low. Got my friend to ask if she’s okay and she dead stood up and walked away.
  • Went to JJ’s completely covered in paint from a frat party and received lots of strange looks.
  • Had my friends come over and watch Walk the Line while wearing metallic face masks that made it look like we were in an eyes wide shut orgy.
  • Saw Bono eating an ice cream sundae by himself in LA.
  • Was traumatized when my friend sent me a link to a fanfiction about Dory and Nemo that included the tags ‘tentacle porn’ and ‘fish sex.’ Needless to say I have not slept all week.

Weidass music sets via Bwog Staff

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i love the new website it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job :) (read more)
New Semester, New Look!
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