Hot sexy housing coverage continues today, starting with this review of East Campus’s townhouses. Seniors who want their own space but don’t want to deal with elevators full of sloppy-drunk freshmen, this one’s for you. 

Location: Technically 70 Morningside Drive, but accessible via Wien Courtyard or Ancel Plaza (aka the above-ground plaza outside Law and IAB).

  • Nearby dorms: Wien and pretty much nothing else.
  • Stores and restaurants: Arts & Crafts, HamDel, Appletree, Friedman’s, SubsConscious, Max Soha, Broadway Liquors (sort of), etc.

Cost: The cost for upperclassman dorms is standard: $9,538.


  • Bathrooms: Each suite has a bathroom with two sinks, a shower, and a toilet in a separate stall. All the townhouses have been renovated, and these bathrooms are really nice.
  • AC/Heating: All EC suites have AC.
  • Lounge: Townhouses don’t have floor lounges like the highrises do. Every suite has a living room type common space that all the EC suites have and hold ragers in.
  • Kitchen: As with the bathrooms, these renovated townhouses have really nice kitchens complete with an oven, stove, dishwasher, sink, microwave, and fridge. They also have a kitchen island that provides ample counter space. Edit 4/2/2018: Housing announced on Friday, April 30th that East Campus residences will not have stoves or ovens during the 2018-2019 academic year. Residents will be offered a hot plate and a microwave as compensation.
  • Laundry: In the basement of the main building. There are a lot of machines, but can get pretty busy.
  • Fire escapes: Nope.
  • Bike storage: Available underneath EC in the Wien Courtyard.
  • Computers/printers: There are computer lounges with one printer each on floors 10 and 18 in the main building, and there are two printers in the lobby.
  • Gym: Treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals on floors 8 and 16 in the main building.
  • Intra-transportation: Townhouses have weird floor systems with half floors within the staircases (with the staircases in the EC courtyard). No elevators for townhouses. There are two elevators in the main building that move pretty quickly but make frequent stops.
  • Hardwood/carpet: All hardwood.

Room variety:

  • 10 townhouse 4-person suites with 4 singles.
  • 12 townhouse 6-person suites with 4 singles and 1 double.
  • 28 townhouse 6-person suites with 6 singles.


  • 2 in 4 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/1687 last year and 30/1937 the year before.
  • 4 in 6 Person Suite (All Sgl) w/RA: 30/1788 last year and 30/913 the year before.
  • 4 Person Suite (All Sgl): 30/529 last year and 30/713 the year before.
  • 6-Person Suite (4 Sgl / 1 Dbl): 30/2034 last year and 30/2803 the year before.
  • 6-Person Suites (all singles): 30/1612 last year and 30/2333 the year before.

Bwog recommendation:

If you want to live in EC without the broken elevators, loud parties, and the general highrise mess, a townhouse might be the way to go. The large singles and renovated suites make EC townhouses an obviously appealing option. The nice, new kitchens and bathrooms also don’t hurt. Some things to keep in mind: if you run out of socks in a storm, you have to lug your laundry through the courtyard to get to the laundry room. On cold winter days, it can be annoying to go back outside from the lobby to get to your suite, especially if you live far from the lobby. EC is also pretty far from most things; you have to walk all the way across campus to get to a subway stop.

Resident opinions:

  • “Home-y vibes.”
  • “Can get noisy in the courtyard but it’s not too bad.”
  • “You don’t have to wait for the elevator which is nice, especially on the weekends when it’s impossible to get to the highrises because of the parties.”
  • “You have to learn to clean up after yourself.”
  • “Taking out the trash is convenient.”
  • “Deliveries can be complicated. Most delivery people nearby know where East Campus is, but sometimes they come to the Wien gates and you have to walk down.”
  • “It’s far from the subway, Butler, and MoWill.”
  • “You should get a smaller dining plan if you live in EC because it’s far from dining halls and you will get delivery or make your own food more than you go to a dining hall.”
  • “There is a mice problem even though it’s renovated.”
  • “The bathroom ratio (in a 6 person suite) is not great and can be a hassle.”