Hewitt, your new paradise?

Barnard students looking for peace, quiet and convenience next year, read on – Hewitt Hall might just be the place for you next semester.

Location: 3009 Broadway (the Quad)

Nearby dorms: Connected with the rest of the Quad (Brooks, Sulz and Reid). Short walk to the 600s, Elliott, Furnald and Schapiro.

Stores and restaurants: Everything in the immediate Columbia/Barnard Broadway area – MoWill, the food trucks, Pret, Shake Shack, Starbucks, Sweetgreen, UPS/FedEx, etc.

Cost: Check the Barnard Housing page in late April for the prices of all Barnard rooms. Keep in mind that non-first years are required to enroll at minimum in the Quad Upperclass Meal Plan.


  • Bathrooms: Each hall has a gender neutral or women-only stall-style restroom, cleaned daily by facilities. You can also walk to restrooms on other halls.
  • AC/Heating: No A/C. Heating operates automatically in the winter.
  • Lounge: Kitchen and TV lounges in Sulzberger.
  • Kitchen: Hewitt doesn’t have its own kitchens, so you will have to walk to the Sulz one on each floor. There’s a sink, stove and microwave.
  • Laundry: 1 washer and dryer per floor in Brooks, 2 washers and dryers in Sulz.
  • Computers/printers: Computer lounge in Sulz basement and nearby Barnard Hall.
  • Gym: There’s a gym in the basement of Barnard Hall.
  • Intra-transportation: Hewitt elevators go up to the 7th floor. To access the 8th floor, use another hall’s elevator or go to the 7th and take the stairs.

Hardwood/carpet: Carpet halls, linoleum tile floor rooms.

Room variety: Corridor-style rooms. Mostly singles, with 2 triples and 3 doubles on the 8th floor, plus 1 double on the 2nd floor.

Numbers: Mostly sophomores, with some juniors and seniors. I was pulled in, but you don’t need a wildly good lottery number for this hall.

Bwog recommendation:

I love living in Hewitt. After the noisiest freshman experience imaginable, I had only three criteria for my sophomore dorm: a single, access to practice rooms, and QUIET. I’m a light sleeper, and minus the occasional car alarm from Claremont, I have never been woken up or loudly disturbed here. My 3rd floor room is spacious and has a great view. The bathrooms are reasonably clean. My only complaints are that the sinks run and the laundry machines break pretty frequently (a universal Quad problem), and my distance from the floor kitchen is fairly inconvenient. The walls are so thin that once, when I started chanting “EGGNOG EGGNOG EGGNOG EGGNOG” at 1 A.M., I heard my friend next door yell “WHY?”

Resident opinions:

  • “It’s pretty isolated. Be prepared to have to go out a lot more for social interaction.”
  • “Showers in Hewitt are terrible, but Reid and Brooks are pretty good.”
  • “Singles are great!”
  • “The noise level is fine, if you don’t have a loud neighbor.”
  • “The meal plan is frustrating to a lot of people, unless you’re an RA.”
  • “The walls are thinner in Hewitt, but the people who self-select for that are generally pretty quiet.”

You can see a 360 degree view of an empty Hewitt room here.