Columbia is a labyrinthine hellscape.

We’ve told you where the hell all the bathrooms were; now we’re back with what floor you end up on when you walk through the door (of all the major academic buildings at least). If we forgot any, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to this list!

You’re running late for a meeting on the fourth floor of Pupin. You throw open the doors, run up three flights of stairs and start running down the hall. Quickly, you realize that all of these numbers are in the 800s and you’re in completely the wrong place. Why do you enter none of Columbia’s buildings on the first floor? We’re not here to answer that question, but we can tell you where you end up when you walk through the door.

1st Floor: Milbank, Knox, Avery, Barnard Hall, Diana, Uris

2nd Floor: Hamilton, Butler, Math

3rd Floor: Kent (both the main entrance and entering on the Philosophy Hall side), Fayerweather, Philosophy, Havermayer, Lewisohn,

4th Floor: Mudd, Dodge (campus entrance), Schermerhorn, Fairchild, Schapiro CEPSR

5th Floor: Pupin

Weird Ones: 

  • Lerner: 2 from campus entrance; 1 from Broadway entrance
  • Altschul:  L (one floor above 1, 1 is actually the package center/tunnel to Milbank/connecting to Diana)
  • Dodge (not-gym): 1 from college walk; 3  from upper campus, by Lewisohn
  • NoCo:  4 on the campus side; 1 from 120th Street
  • International Affairs: 6 on the campus side; 4 from street level

are you on the 7th floor or the 14th via Bwog Archives