Vote in the midterms and also Columbia Student Council Elections

It’s that time of year again: get ready for posters, platforms, and promises to fix any and all common Columbia complaints. The deadline to register has passed, so now we can present all the candidates for CCSC and ESC in the upcoming Spring 2018 election cycle. Study up, because all of these people are probably going to try to be your new best friend in the next few weeks.

All of this will be overseen by the new Columbia Elections Commission, formed in February of this year, following the dissolution of the Columbia Elections Board. Additionally, if you missed the deadline and are heartbroken that you won’t get to represent your school for the next year (and are a SEAS student), ESC Representative for Racial Diversity and Inclusivity Issues and ESC Student Services Representative had no registered candidates and will be elected in Fall 2018.

CCSC Executive Board
CU Roar
Jordan Singer, Student Body President
Elise Fuller, Vice President for Policy
Adam Resheff, Vice President for Finance
Sim Mander, Vice President for Campus Life
Isabella Lajara, Vice President for Communications

No Party Affiliation
Laura Hand, Vice President for Campus Life

CCSC Class of 2019
Roar, Lion, Roar
Mina Mahmood, President
David Kaminsky, Vice President
George Jiang, Representative
Tarek Deida, Representative
Elisa Kong, Representative

No Party Affiliation
Daniel Parks, President

CCSC Class of 2020
James Ritchie, President
Kai Feliciano, Vice President
Madison Harden, Representative
Patricia Granda-Malaver, Representative
Ben Kaplan, Representative

No Party Affiliation
Nathaniel Marrinson, President

CCSC Class of 2021
Roar Together
Prem Thakker, President
Skye Bork, Vice President
Aja Johnson, Representative
Ramsay Eyre, Representative
Sarah Radway, Representative

No Party Affiliation
Kiana Taghavi, Representative

CCSC At-Large Representatives
Academic Affairs Representative
Dafne Murillo
Sam Safari
Zachary Kimmel

Alumni Affairs Representative
Danielle Mikaelian
Joyce Tan

Disabilities Representative
Aaron Liberman

Financial Security and First Generation Representative
Cat Sposato
Luke Aron Ebora

Gender and Sexuality Representative
Sabina Jones

International Students Representative
Fahima Ali
Nikola Danev

Pre-Professional Representative
Stephen Cushner

Race and Ethnicity Representative
Heven Haile

(2) Student Services Representatives
Eva Steinman
Henry Feldman
Monique Harmon

(3) CC University Senators—Elected to a two-year term
Alfredo Dominguez
Danielle Resheff
Grant Pace
Jonathan Schleien
Toqa Badran
William Moise

ESC Executive Board
FUll House
Ria Garg, Student Body President
Adekunle Balogun, Vice President for Policy
Anya Di Salvo, Vice President for Finance
Richa Gode, Vice President for Student Life
Asher Goldfinger, Vice President for Communications

ESC Class of 2019
Izzet Kebudi, President
Camila Solis-Camara, Vice President
Shivani Dharmadhikary, Representative
Steven Hyland, Representative

No Party Affiliation
Ruby Epler, Representative

ESC Class of 2020
SEASus Take the Wheel
Joanna Paik, President
Abhishek Chakraborty, Vice President
Ayesha Chhugani, Representative
Marisa Ngbemeneh, Representative

ESC Class of 2021
SEAS the Change
Alina Ying, President
Abheli Gonzalez, Vice President
Nicolas Acosta, Representative
Joe Hier, Representative

ESC At-Large Representatives
Academic Affairs Representative
James Wu
Montana St. Pierre

Campus Affairs Representative
Benjamin Greenfield
Jordynn Lurie

Combined Plan 3-2 Representative
Ishraq Khandaker
Tracy Paltoo

International Student Representative
Katherine Liu

Professional Development and Alumni Affairs Representative
Dean Kierserman

Representative for Disability and Accessibility Issues
Young Jae Ryu

Representative for First Generation and Low-Income Issues
Jennifer Martinez
Joan Martinez

Representative for Gender Identity and Sexuality Issues
Erica Diaz

Sustainability Representative
Amar Bhardwaj

Student Groups Representative
Sambhav Jain

Technology Representative
Mark Torres
Tanmay Chopra

(1) SEAS University Senator—Elected to a two-year term
Cindy Soifer
Zoha Qamar

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