Putting the “no” in Nom Wah.

What’s Happening In The World: An air base in Damascus was hit after the devastating (and illegal) chemical attack on Sunday. The air base attack was apparently attributed to the U.S., but was then revised to Israel – though, given that we spend billions on Israel’s military, they weren’t totally off with their first guess. (NPR)

What’s Happening In The US: Special Counsel Robert Mueller ordered a raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office. We don’t know why yet – Stormy Daniels? Russia? Both?  – but we do know Cohen and Trump are really mad about it, citing “privileged communications.” Someone tell either of them who Richard Nixon was, please. (BBC)

What’s Happening In NYC: Assholes shouldn’t be rewarded with dumplings, but that’s exactly what Nom Wah founder Wilson Tang is doing by accepting Bitcoin at his newest location, a bar called “Boys Don’t Cry.” Um, they do when their Bitcoin value goes down. (Futurist)

What’s Happening At Columbia: Academic Freedom Week continues with an event called “Fuck White Supremacy.” You’re already interested. It’s in IAB 1201 from 12-1 pm today.

Overheard: “I get hit on by more straight guys at Suite than anywhere else.”