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CCSC Passes Around Some Plates

Parting words: the legacy of a truly great student council

Parting words: the legacy of a truly great student council

Bwogger Nadra Rahman bids CCSC a merry adieu, after, of course, they engage in some navel-gazing. 

CCSC’s last meeting of the year began with a standing ovation for 2018 Rep (Lord) Lord Hyeamang, who has received an offer from the Jets—and in general is a much beloved member of Council. Remember when we used to be proud of our losing streak (R.I.P.)?

After the hubbub died down and updates were shared, a quick constitutional amendment was passed with zero discussion: at 2021 VP Ramsay Eyre’s suggestion, all instances of “he/she” in the CCSC Constitution were changed to “they” to remove gender specificity and encourage inclusivity. Then, we got to…

Paper Plate Awards

No other group on campus gets the media to cover their self congratulatory victory lap, but this is CCSC. Here is the (incomplete) list of superlatives awarded to various members of Council, written on flimsy paper plates, but inscribed in our hearts forever:

  • Most likely to be a real long boi: 2020 VP James Ritchie (from the audience: “We want to know what the long refers to!”)
  • Most likely to save the Earth: 2020 Rep Grant Pace
  • Most likely to have an update: International Students Rep Sim Mander (sarcastic, if you didn’t know) (Honorable Mention: Most likely to have “los angeles – london – columbia” in his Instagram bio and still run for International Students Rep)
  • Most likely to interrupt Nathan while he’s making a point regardless of procedure: 2018 VP Emily Lavine
  • Most likely to hack SSOL: 2021 Rep Sarah Radway
  • Most likely to do it for “the kids”: 2021 President Prem Thakkar
  • Most likely to dislike CCSC: Academic Affairs Rep Dafne Murillo (Honorable Mention: Most likely to glare at James Ritchie)
  • Most likely to use an adult coloring book: Alumni Affairs Rep Fernanda Martinez
  • Most likely to stunt on some hoes with her fashion: Pre-Professional Rep Patricia Granda
  • Most likely to use door stops to change the world: Student Services Rep Aaron Fisher
  • Most likely to inquisitively stroke his chin: USenator Jay Rappaport
  • Most likely to wear a scarf indoors: 2021 Rep Ramsay Eyre (Honorable Mention: Most likely to speak as though CCSC had a participation grade)
  • Most likely to have a stroke when Ramsay speaks: VP Communications Sreya Pinnamaneni
  • Most likely to warm my little heart strings: 2018 Rep Nikki Felmus
  • Most likely to have no enemies on CCSC: 2018 Rep Matt Neky (not sarcastic!)
  • Speaks the least, says the most: 2019 Rep Tarek Deida (Honorable mention: Sexiest voice)
  • Most likely to snap about going to Dodge: 2019 Rep George Jiang
  • Best Resheff: 2020 Rep Danielle Resheff
  • Most likely to bring her lineage to Council: 2021 Rep Aja Johnson
  • Most likely to make a wholesome video to bring people together: 2019 President Mina Mahmood (provoking great uproar among the collected Council members)
  • Most likely to make controversial comments at g-body: 2020 Rep Astrid Walker-Stewart (sarcastic)
  • Most likely to think Lerner is being renovated: USenator Josh Schenk
  • Most likely to push Mufasa into the stampede: USenator Omar Khan
  • Fastest promotion: Student Services Rep Jordan Singer (from replacement rep to CCSC President in one semester)
  • Most likely to cancel Mozzarella Monday: VP Campus Life Alex Cedar (Honorable Mention: Most likely to give up)
  • Most likely to be everyone’s favorite Council member: 2018 Rep Lord Hyeamang
  • Most likely to remind me of a tree that I would like to hug: 2019 VP David Kaminsky
  • Most likely to make you smile: 2019 Rep Elisa Kong (Honorable mention: I don’t really know you but looks cool let’s get coffee sometime)
  • Most likely to actually, really enjoy the Core (read aloud in a British accent): 2020 President Sid Singh
  • Most likely to secretly be a member of CUCR: Inclusion and Equity Rep Elise Fuller (not sarcastic) (jk)
  • Most likely to dab: 2018 President John Avendano
  • Most likely to Venmo request his grandmother: VP Finance Adam Resheff
  • Most likely to institute a 90 second speaking limit and not adhere to it himself: President Nathan Rosin
  • Most likely to get into every law school ever: VP Policy Nicole Allicock

After the in-jokes and mild hazing, the E-Board continued a recent tradition by vacating their seats and allowing the new E-Board to take their place and say a few words. Mander (who will be VP Campus Life) affirmed his commitment to Mozzarella Monday; Adam Resheff (who will continue to be VP Finance) said he was “excited to do this again,” to a few laughs. The current E-Board also shared their parting words. Rosin called his tenure “one of the greatest privileges of my life.” Cedar put his penchant for drama on display, declaring, “I love CCSC. Roar Lion Roar!”

And that’s a wrap! See y’all next year (or not)—below are the final updates:

  • Student Services: The Registrar has confirmed that Hamilton will be bookable in the first three weeks of classes, starting from next semester. Spaces can be reserved after 10 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.
  • 2020: The class is preparing for its “Roaree” awards, as well as its study break on Wednesday.
  • 2018: Avendano spoke on behalf of his class, saying, “Senior Week is on the horizon. We don’t plan that, but we’re excited.”
  • Finance: By-laws related to the Open Student Groups project and its accompanying constitutional amendment will be added (or at least deliberated) in the fall.
  • Policy: Allicock finally received data that suggests there are enough enough seats in seminar-style classes to require a minimum of one seminar to fulfill the Global Core requirement.
    • Policy also met with administrators to discuss their suggestions for revamping Advising, including the possibility of CULPA-style evaluations for advisors.
  • Campus Life: Cedar, a pioneer in student council apparel, said he was “dismayed to see ESC copied our idea for bucket hats.” The resulting conversation revealed that Allicock, Khan, and most other members of Council found his retaliatory Facebook post (pictured) “childish.”

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  • truth says:

    @truth I feel like Alex Cedar should have won most likely to be impeached (not sarcastic)

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    @Anonymous All of CCSC wins “Most likely to screw around talking about Surf & Turf while students kill themselves b/c we have no healthcare”

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    @Anonymous whoever gave Omar his was on the money

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