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Field Notes: Prospie Weekend Edition

Image of prospective students bragging about the 183 schools they got into, Colorized, 2018.

You know the drill. We do stuff over the weekend that may be fun, may be regrettable, or is just plain weird. We post them for you. Here is this weekend’s edition of Field Notes. If you have any stories that you think may be a good addition to this, email us at and we will add to it!

Bwog in the City:

  • Spent much of my weekend with my mom who was in town this weekend! Very wholesome.
  • Forgot to bring cash to the Guggenheim during their Pay As You Wish hours, so ended up giving 10 cents to get in.
  • Maybe secured a sublet for the summer, even though the rent mysteriously keeps increasing every time I talk to the owner?
  • Accidentally wandered into a Chelsea Clinton book-signing event in Union Square.
  • Saw Kyle Castlin at a party and resisted the urge to tell him how bad his writing in the tweet announcing he’s going to Xavier next year was.
  • Peed in the sand at Coney Island and felt like a wild creature.
  • Subway partied!!!! i asked a guy for his drink and then people just kept offering me more rip.
  • Went to my favorite Communist-themed bar, People’s Republik in Cambridge, MA.
  • Went to the subway party because a boy I like was there but didn’t get to talk to him because it was so crowded :-(
  • Got $50 in cash back accidentally at MoWi.
  • Froze my ass off for like 2 hours waiting for the Persian Parade to start.
  • Went on maybe-a-date to a cat cafe and it was one of the gayest, happiest moments of my life.
  • Saw Mean Girls on Broadway which greatly exceeded my expectations. Enjoyed some bonding time with my kickass cousin who is like an older sister to me.
  • Flirted with someone at 1020 who called me a “free spirit” bc he heard me talking loudly about my sex life.

Bwog and Alcohol:

  • Went to Key Foods to get more alcohol during a party, was amazed at the deals- $11 for a 6-pack of cranberry downeast cider! $2.99 pirates booty!
  • Got really really wine-drunk with my cousin and her friend on the rooftop of a high-rise in Koreatown; Ubered down to an Italian joint in Nolita and continued to travel down that prosecco-y path.
  • Bought a boy I barely know a 30-pack since he gave me shrooms last weekend.
  • Went to two different stores to get all of a boy’s very special favorite beers for his birthday.
  • Blacked out (again).
  • Drank. So fucking much.
  • Got wine drunk at the big band concert.

Bwog On Campus:

  • Took photos of my friends modeling in a photo shoot.
  • Got walked in on in my robe with a towel around my head eating curry and discussing Bin Laden’s need of a nose job.
  • Got strep throat, which was initially misdiagnosed as mono. Thought that I was dying and had to cancel all of my Saturday plans :(
  • Lost my friend that’s staying with me to a FIJI junior for a night…apparently he took out a condom, opened it, and then did nothing but cuddle with her.
  • Saw a prospie at Lambda who was being flirted with like crazy…he said he’s committing.
  • Decided to help a group of friends tell our wildest college stories to 5+ prospies…apparently they’re all committed but I think some of them might be having regrets.
  • Hooked up with a guy who works for the UN whose name i don’t remember.
  • Talked at a college info panel as the token humanities person.
  • Made some prospies take a pic of us with the College Days props.
  • GOT MY GOWN (and simultaneously realized I’m actually graduating and proceeded to get an eyebrow twitch).
  • Wrote 80% of my thesis in the past week and my advisor was legit shocked at the wonders of last minute anxiety and adderall.
  • DJed Junzi late night on Friday!!
  • Pretended I was a SEAS prospie to befriend a group of prospies here for Days on Campus. They thought my name was Leela and i was majoring in IEOR lmao.
  • Might have developed feelings for someone who will be graduating while I (might possibly) study abroad. Apparently he might have feelings for me which makes literally everything worse.
  • Took my mom with me to an event I was covering for Bwog.  (She enjoyed it!)
  • Convinced my sister to play at an event with the Band, only to have her one shot at a cool solo stolen by an upperclassman :'(

Bwog and Weather:

  • Sat outside till my allergies forced me inside.
  • Watched my mom from California suffer through the 40 degree windy weather in a small jacket. RIP.
  • Walked from the UWS all the way to 42nd and Madison, then walked back to Rockefeller Center to have dinner bc the sun was out!
  • Spent all day sunbathing because the sun is my element.
  • Went to WBAR-B-Q and got to bask in the sunlight while enjoying good music with my friends.

I don’t care that you got into Harvard Yale and Stanford via Bwog Images

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i love the new website it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job :) (read more)
New Semester, New Look!
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