Natural light!!!

This housing review features 600 West 113th Street, better known as Nussbaum, not to be confused with the campus favorite, currently sanitary Grade Pending Nussbaum and Wu, that it’s right next to. Nussbaum, which occupies 6 floors of an old building perfect for aesthetic pictures, offers a living style that’s a compromise between suite style and corridor. 

600 West 113th Street, right off of the west side of Broadway.
Nearby dorms:
Watt, Broadway, Hogan, Brownstones, McBain
Nearby Stores/Restaurants:
 Of couse, you’re right next to Nussbaum and Wu, as well Milano, Tom’s, Junzi, Dig Inn, MoWilly’s, West Side….basically everything! You’re also equidistant to the 116th and 110th 1 stop, so you can choose the station you prefer!
Class Makeup:
Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
Cleaning: Weekly recycling and biweekly bathroom and kitchen cleaning, with trash removal left up to you!
Lounge: TV lounge in basement
Kitchen: Private kitchen per suite
Bathroom: Private bathroom per suite– some rooms even have their bathroom within!
AC: No AC, bring breathable linen clothing
Floor: No carpeting, mostly hardwood
Laundry: Free laundry available in basement

Room Breakdown:
– 6 residential floors, with 35 total singles and 82 total doubles
– Some of the doubles are walk-through doubles, giving you a dingle-esque sense of privacy
– Nussbaum isn’t typical suite style living, it feels somewhere in between suite style and corridor style, since rooms are arranged on a hallway with a designated kitchen.

With last years cut-offs being  10/2877 for a double, 10/1928 for a single, and a walkthrough double at 10/15, singles can be a harder option for rising sophomores– but the walk-throughs are a great bet!

Bwog Recommendations

Nuss is has a super convenient location and is close to everything. Though the lack of AC can hurt in global warming-induced extended summers, the rooms are attractive, some with bay windows and high ceilings that give the illusion of more space. Some of the higher rooms even have river views! If you’re looking for a quiet, homey space that still offers privacy, Nuss may be right for you.

Resident Opinions

“The smaller suites (B and D) in Nuss can have a really great family-like feel: everyone hangs out all the time and watches out for one another.”

“Never a very loud dorm; there’s parties but nothing nearing EC-level craziness.”

“High ceilings in the rooms make even smaller rooms feel very airy and grand.”

“The best supporting staff on campus: Charlie the super is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and you’ll know most every security guard and maintenance worker on a first name basis by the end of the year.”