This is the campus we want always

Once in a rare while, the sun decides to visit Columbia’s campus. This sends students into a frenzy; the lawns become packed, and most people (emphasis on most) leave Butler to partake in yard games and tan. The weather, while temporary, transforms campus into a much happier, vibrant place…but this version of Columbia only lasts for a few hours.

As a native Californian, I was expecting brutal winters, but I was also excited to spend a few sunny days with friends. My Days on Campus experience was filled with sun, Spikeball, and smiles (what the engineering prospies experienced last weekend). My Columbia experience, on the other hand, has been filled with snow, snowball fights, and accidentally slipping on ice. While this may be typical for the East Coast, I think that it is an injustice that the sun refuses to stay.

To fix this, I decided to ask my peers how they would convince the sun to come out. Here are their responses!

  • Sun dance (instead of rain dance)
  • Turn your GPA into a sacrificial offering and hope it’s high enough for redemption
  • Convince Prezbo that he is the sun god and that his Audi is actually the sun chariot
  • Have the SEAS kids make a device that sucks up the clouds like in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • Darty (day party) in the rain until Mother Nature takes pity on you
  • Build a massive fan to blow the clouds away
  • Dress for sunny weather, as if challenging the sky
  • Stop smoking (it’s definitely causing all these clouds)
  • Bring an umbrella everywhere until you forget that it’s raining
  • Use a magical spell
  • If you’re a restaurant, set up your whole outdoor seating area (we’re looking at you, Community, Tom’s, and Le Monde)
  • Plant a plethora of plants and flowers (like the new tulips in front of Low, or the shrubbery outside of Barnard’s new library)

Alternatively, enjoy the few more days you get to wear your winter wardrobe! Sticky summer’s just around the corner, and who has time for Canada Goose in June?