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Other Barnard Alums Who Should Enter The Gubernatorial Race

As I watched Miranda make her announcement, I wondered: Could I run for office while I was still running from my feelings for Big?

Now that Cynthia Nixon has announced her candidacy for governor of New York, Sex and the City fans, as well as those interested in NY politics, have a lot to say. Bwog Staffer Megan Wylie, who happens to be both a political science major and such a Charlotte, has some theories on the next Barnard alum who should jump into the race ASAP.

Sex and the City provided my younger self with a series of philosophical questions that guided my life, and as someone who has worked on various local campaigns, I am very conflicted about these two worlds crossing. As Carrie, arguably a closeted misogynist, once asked: “Were women in New York really giving up on love and throttling up on power?” Perhaps, but in today’s political climate, what do we have to lose? At least Cynthia Nixon played a character with a law degree and a love for pantsuits.

While her candidacy is controversial, Barnard alums are known for shaking things up in the world. Carrie once ended an artful post with the following question: “Are there times when the ladies should just shut the fuck up?” The answer, dear Carrie, is fuck no. So instead, here are some more Bold, Beautiful Barnard babes that should throw their name into the gubernatorial hat:

  • Greta Gerwig (2006)- Self explanatory. If she was snubbed by the Oscars, we should at least give her control of the state.
  • Lauren Graham (1988)- Idk, her obsessive involvement in Rory’s personal life was a bit excessive, but maybe her love of fixing other peoples problems would help her navigate state welfare reform!
  • Chelsea Peretti (2000)- If there is anything that New York is in need of, its some good old fashioned snarkiness. If anyone can keep corrupt Albany legislators in line, it’s Chelsea.
  • Martha Stewart (1964)-Where else will you find someone with such a knowledge of home decor and the federal prison system?
  • Ann Brashares (1989)- If she can make a book series about a pair of inanimate pants a bestseller, then I am positive she could do wonders for the MTA.
  • Zuzanna Szadkowski (2001)- Zuzanna played Dorota on Gossip Girl, and arguably was the best character throughout the entire six seasons of the show. That alone should qualify her. Besides, she immigrated here so it would probably do the added bonus of pissing off Trump.

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