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SGA Announces Candidates For 2018-2019 Election Cycle

Politics waits for no woman

Following the announcement of CCSC and ESC candidates a few weeks ago, SGA has released its list of candidates for the Spring 2018 elections (that’s Barnard’s Student Government Association for the uninitiated). There’s no telling what these people will do to get your vote— aside from the usual poster barrage, that is. The election will be overseen by the SGA Elections Commission.

SGA President
Nicola Kirkpatrick

VP Policy
Mia Lindheimer

VP Campus Life
Hannah Stanhill

VP Finance
Rachel Nordlicht

VP Communications
Julia Pickel
Kim Samala

Junior Rep. to the Board of Trustees
Jessica Cruz
Sydney Fox

Rep. for Sustainable Initiatives
Caroline Cutlip

Rep. for Inclusion and Equity
Tirzah Anderson

Rep. for Food and Dining
Blythe Drucker
Yeliz Sezgin

Rep. for Arts and Culture
Demme Durrett
Phanesia Pharel
Rachel Meier

Rep. for Academic Affairs
Solace Mensah-Narh
Hadassah Solomson
Talia Welte

Rep. for Campus Affairs
Gabrielle Obregon
Chelsea Sinclair

Rep. for Information and Technology
Yasmine Kaya
Rebecca Narin

Rep. for Seven Sisters Relations
Idris O’Neill

Rep. for Health Services
Ava Adler
Emma Erenmark

Senior Class President
Rhea Nagpal

Senior Class Vice President
Hannah Yoo

Junior Class President
Gabi Garcia

Junior Class Vice President
Tanisha Aggarwal
Celine Zhu

Sophomore Class President
Tina Gao
Ana Peña
Dana Ross

Sophomore Class Vice President
Paulette Arnold
Norah Hassan

Image via Barnard SGA Twitter (inactive).

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