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SGA Elections Results Released, CUAD Referendum Passes

Soon all those campaigning posters will be cleared away…

At 5 pm today, the results of Barnard’s Student Government Association’s 2018 elections were released in an email to Barnard students, as well as on MyBarnard. The election concluded with a record 49.9% voter turnout.

These results also included the verdict of the referendum on whether or not SGA should write a letter to the Barnard trustees encouraging Barnard’s divestment from eight companies that are associated with or support Israel. The referendum passed with 741 votes (64.3% of the students who voted). SGA’s Executive Board will draft this letter over the course of the next week, and the full council will vote on it during the council’s final meeting on Monday, April 30. A full statement about these referendum results can be found after the jump.

The incoming officers of the 2018-2019 Barnard College Student Government Association Representative Council are:

  • SGA President: Nicola Kirkpatrick
  • Vice President for Policy: Mia Lindheimer
  • Vice President for Campus Life: Hannah Stanhill
  • Vice President for Communications: Kim Samala
  • Vice President for Finance: Rachel Nordlicht
  • Jr. Representative to the Board of Trustees: Jessica Cruz
  • Representative for Inclusion and Equity: Tirzah Anderson
  • Representative for Campus Affairs: Chelsea Sinclair
  • Representative for Information and Technology: Yasmine Kaya
  • Representative for Arts and Culture: Phanesia Pharel
  • Representative for Health Services: Ava Adler
  • Representative for Food and Dining Services: Yeliz Sezgin
  • Representative for Seven Sisters Relations: Idris O’Neill
  • Representative for Sustainable Initiatives: Caroline Cutlip
  • Representative for Academic Affairs: Solace Mensah-Narh
  • Sr. Class President: Rhea Nagpal
  • Sr. Class VP: Hannah Yoo
  • Jr. Class President: Gabi Garcia
  • Jr. Class VP: Celine Zhu
  • Soph. Class President: Tina Gao
  • Soph. Class VP: Norah Hassan

Referendum Results:

Should SGA write a letter of support encouraging Barnard to divest from eight multinational companies (Hyundai Heavy Industries, Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Elbit Systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bank Hapoalim, Mekorot) that profit from or engage in the State of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians?

Yes: 741 votes – 64.3%

No: 412 votes – 35.7%

During the internal portion of our meeting on Monday, April 23rd, SGA will discuss and vote on next steps, now that we have the referendum results. If Rep Council votes to send a letter to the administration, SGA’s Executive Board will draft the letter over the course of that week (April 23 – April 29). The wording of the letter, if we vote to proceed with the letter, will be voted on during the internal portion of our final Rep Council meeting on Monday, April 30th. If it passes, it will be sent to the administration that evening.

Election Results can also be found on under the Campus Life tab.

Also please be on the lookout for applications for open SGA Committee positions! These will be posted on soon. We encourage everyone to apply!

If you have any questions about SGA Elections, please contact If you have any questions about the referendum, please contact

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  • disappointed, won't be donating to barnard any longer says:

    @disappointed, won't be donating to barnard any longer Disgusting. If SGA does something hasty, be prepared for a huge downturn in Barnard’s reputation Sure, it’s already a joke in the rankings (>15), but it seems like every Jewish student voted against this. I certainly wouldn’t come to the Jewish-heavy school which suddenly said Israel is evil. Clearly SGA just wants to force its own moral pseudosuperiority over the wellbeing of actual Jewish people on campus. Glad to see a return to the 1930’s treatment of Jews is beginning here at Barnard, and under the excuse that “it’s only anti-Israel.” Like there’s any difference when it comes down to it…

    1. jews arent a monolith says:

      @jews arent a monolith idk when you think about it, if barnard is 30% jewish and every single jewish student voted and 50% of all barnard students voted, then 60% of everyone who voted is jewish but still less than 40% of all who voted voted against it… all this to say, even if every single jewish student at barnard voted, they certainly didn’t all vote no.

      1. humanities major says:

        @humanities major this math is cray cray

  • Blame Russia says:

    @Blame Russia Congrats to SJP and CUAD on the upset. Now let’s see them do it again in CC during the fall freshman elections. Time to start collecting signatures!

  • from below says:

    @from below Congrats Barnard students on this historic moment!

  • lol says:

    @lol columbia should divest from barnard. waiting for that referendum

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    Thank you for clarifying! (read more)
    SGA Is Going Through Changes
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    Hi, The "greater SGA" as used on the last slide of the presentation refers to the student body. Technically, SGA embodies (read more)
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