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A Love Letter To The Diana 5 Bathroom

My friend who took this photo: “She’s a big one.”

To the Diana 5 Gender-Neutral Single Stall Bathroom,

It was love at first sight. At the beginning of second semester, I was still learning my way around the top floors of Diana – I hadn’t had a class there until then, and so only had reason to go the third floor and below. But I walked in, and the moment I saw you, I knew: I was looking at my one true love.

First of all, you’re gender-neutral – immediately making you superior to most other bathrooms. Making it accessible to more people? That was a great move. Second, you’re HUGE. The size of the bedroom section of my tiny Brooks quad, if not larger – the size of a Sulz double, even. If I ever had the urge to a cartwheel in a bathroom, you’d be the first place I would go. I’m even pretty sure you have two sinks (though I could be making that up in the finals-induced haze I’m currently in).  Third, you’re in what’s objectively one of the best floors of one of the best buildings on campus. Diana has almost everything I could ever want, and that includes you, next to the sunny nook full of chairs by the big glass wall and pizza and smoothies right downstairs. I won’t lie: I’ve taken the elevator just to get to you before. You’re worth it.

Diana 5 single stall: you’re the one. You’re always clean, your mirrors are always clear, and never once have I gone in and seen your toilet paper or paper towels or soap unstocked. I’ll miss you over the summer, but you’ll be the first bathroom I visit when I get back to campus. Thank you for existing.

Bwog Staffer

Image via Bwog Staff.

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  • majored in unafraid...of discussing bathrooms says:

    @majored in unafraid...of discussing bathrooms I wish I could muster up the same excitement and enthusiasm that Lucy Danger feels about pooping and apply it to my studies. I would get an A.

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