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Senior Wisdom: Kirsten Dodson

Just Do It

You might know Kirsten Dodson from seeing her at CCSC giveaways, but you should read her senior wisdom for her wit and wise advice on staying confident and finding balance.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Kirsten Dodson, Columbia College, Neuroscience & Behavior, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Claim to fame: I probably handed you a free *insert CCSC giveaway* at one of the many events I volunteered at. Or maybe you saw me being THAT girl living her best life “bacchstage” every year at Bacchanal. Or, for you Class of 2022ers, maybe I gave you your info session when you visited campus.

Where are you going? The Upper East Side to live out all my Gossip Girl dreams

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2022?

1. College is a great place to make lifelong friends and it’s also a great place to become acquainted with your own wants, needs, and thoughts. So, don’t shy away from being alone sometimes, whether that’s in the library, at a dining hall, or off exploring the city.

2. Spending the past four years surrounded by some of the most high-achieving/annoyingly over-achieving people I’ve ever met has done a number on my self-confidence at times but I’m here to tell you that after failing numerous times, standing back up and trying again deserves just as much applause as those who got it right the first time.

3. Coming from someone who is probably/definitely a bit overcommitted when it comes to extracurriculars & jobs, I truly LOVE everything that I’m involved in and wouldn’t change a thing (even if dropping something meant I could have a higher GPA). However, finding the right balance for all the things you love (plus classes when they aren’t what you love) is tough enough, so don’t commit yourself to things that don’t really matter to you because they’ll only slow you down.

“Back in my day…” you had to stand in line for at least 30 minutes to pick up your mail from the package center in Lerner. Also, moment of silence for Vine, Ollie’s, Amigos, M2M, Cannon’s, Rite Aid, American Apparel, Deluxe, and Ham Del’s 24 hour service.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: Have you ever heard me DJ at a party?

What was your favorite class at Columbia? Contemporary Civilization with Beau Shaw, not just for the class itself (sophomore year was my peak tbh) but this was the first class I took where there wasn’t a ~real~ answer and I enjoyed how Beau facilitated discussions that made complicated philosophical topics applicable to real life. Also, Abnormal Behavior with E’mett McCaskill because she’s a boss and it was the first time I was ever taught by a black woman.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Roses are red, Michael Jackson sang thriller, I would side with the Zodiac Killer

Whom would you like to thank? All the people who smile back and make me feel like a less awkward human being. The staff members who work so hard behind the scenes to make this campus and community what it is, (special shoutout to Kerry for the pep talks and life updates) and my family & friends for always believing in me when I couldn’t do that myself. Lastly, everyone at Community Lunch and Broadway Presbyterian whose kindness and friendship kept me from sleeping in on Fridays.

One thing to do before graduating: Sneak onto Butler roof (hit me up if you actually know how thx)

Any regrets? Staying within the bounds of my comfort zone for most of my time here

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  • hostess with the mostess says:

    @hostess with the mostess THIS LADY IS THE BEST;; SHE DJ’S ALL MY PARTIES 10/10

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