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Our final senior wisdom of the year is from Rachel Deal: EIC in late spring and fall 2016, queen veggie, conqueror of the Columbia double, Dunkin Donuts super-fan, and so much more.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Rachel Deal, Columbia College, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, Medford, MA

Claim to fame: Running this damn website.

Where are you going? To run the Brooklyn Half next Saturday!

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2022?

1. Believe and support survivors! Stop socializing with known abusers!

2. In picking housing, prioritize sunlight over social life.

3. There are a lot of people at this school who lack morals! This used to bother me a lot, but I’ve found it best to accept that you cannot change others, and that there are way too many people here for you to hang out with the bad ones.

4. One more! Broadway au Lait has the best iced coffee in MoHi.

“Back in my day…” My roommate Emily dragged me to Cannons every weekend, and I ended my nights by eating lamb halal (I’m now a vegetarian).

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I have lived in a double (with Emily!) all four years.

What was your favorite class at Columbia? Honestly, Music Hum. Or Earth Resources and Sustainable Development. Or anything taught by Rashid Khalidi or Joseph Massad.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Cheese.

Whom would you like to thank? All of my profs who were understanding when I asked for extensions! Also, my wise and cool older friends!

One thing to do before graduating: Try CPS. Make friends who don’t go to Columbia. Also, drink a bottle of wine on the steps when the weather’s nice.

Any regrets? Going out too much freshman and sophomore year. Skipping classes.

she’s glowing via Rachel Deal