Want to get an inside look into athentic Greek life? Our next Houses and Homes post comes to you from Athens, where Bwogger Danielle Mikaelian vacationed with some of her future floormates. If you want to join in on the scenery-sharing action, send your five senses and a photo (or two) to tips@bwog.com.

Where: A second floor apartment in Athens (specifically Neos Kosmos) that my friend is renting for the summer!


A view straight out of a Percy Jackson book

Smell: Sweat (from the never-ending humidity) and faint traces of cigarette smoke.

Taste: The Armenian food I’ve grown up with…plus lots of feta cheese, olives, Souvlaki, Mousakka, and Butterbeer (there’s a Harry Potter cafe in Athens).

Sound: A car being washed by someone throwing water from their balcony. Strange bugs that you always hear…but never see, which create an endless cacophony of cricket-like sounds. Arctic Monkeys and Lorde being played on repeat. Laughter between friends.

Photo via Danielle